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24 Hours in Seoul


South Korea is a beautiful destination to visit. There are 2 biggest cities that you definitely need to see: Seoul and Busan. I was staying in Busan, because it is more relaxed and there is the see and a beach. I had a quick trip to Seoul for 24 hours too say hello to this city and to admire urban views.

What to do in Seoul


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China Eastern Airlines Review. 14 hours in Shanghai.


This year it was my second experience flying with China Eastern Airlines. If you are considering booking with China Eastern airlines, it is not always easy to make a decision, even if the price might be the best, you still might have some uncertainty, because of ambiguous reviews and information in the web. Hope my today’s review will give you more clear vision with an idea of what you need to know along with Shanghai stop over tips and how to see the city if you have less than 24 hours!

China Eastern reviews

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SPA you never seen before! Wild berries, herbs & Panta Milk heaven.


Fresh SPA is something is really different and amazing that you never tried before. A totally new concept for a SPA and for treatments. Berry scrubs, real milk treatments and real pine nuts exclusive recipe oil.

Review of a very unique organic SPA in Moscow.

spa window


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Have you heard of Republic of Karelia?


Hello explorers!

Another not a cliche destination for you today. Magic and mysterious Karelia.

Karelia is an atmospheric place located between Russia and Finland.

winter in Karelia


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Nymboida. Rain Forest 4 WD & River Surf.


Today’s adventure will be to the inland and you can see the wild rain forest and beautiful rivers in Nymboida National Park.

When the weather at the beach is not that good, it is raining and it is windy – go inland, the satiation might be completely different. We escaped to the deep forest for 2 days from the storm at the coast and here is our journey.

Xmas trip_-15
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How to find your work out motivation. Tips that work.


Outdoor work out motivation. Personal experience, ideas and insights.

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Roadtrip PlayList.


Hello escapers! Majority of soundtrack that I was able to find online are pretty boring. Or those existing playlists sounds like a sweaty rockers-truck-drivers radios. If we would turn it on in our car, we  either feel asleep either smash our player =) So I’ve created our own playlist for traveling!


By our experience driving thousands kilometers, and according to our music preferences, we formed this mood boosting fun playlist. Turn it on, go places and dance in a car!


You are welcome to subscribe to this playlist & share, so you can listen to it any time. We are continuously working on it and adding new tracks, because we have so many hours of trips ahead!

Let me know what do you think and what are your favorite tunes for a perfect road trip? If your like this playlist, I might add your favorite tunes to it.


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Destinations around Coffs Harbor, NSW, Australia.


Road trip moments. Things to do and to see around Coffs Harbour. We were staying in Yuraygir National Park for two weeks camping in December – January. Here some travel inspirations for you and ideas of what to see next. It is about 600 km drive from Sydney and it is worth to visit.

Stay curious and inspired!

Xmas trip_

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My mistakes and tips for the international students who struggles at uni.


tups for international students

Hy guys! I am finishing my degree very soon and today I would like to share my uni experience in a foreign and challenging, completely new environment.

If you are an international student or considering to study abroad (e.g. In Australia), this post may clarify something for you and you’ll get ready and prepared. Also, if you are an international student, and you are struggling with your studies – you may find some tips and support here.

Mistakes that I’ve done and things that I’ve learned.

If you are an D or HD student, this is not for you. This post is for those who are struggling with the study. Just like I did.

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St. Petersburg in March.


St. Petersburg in Russia is one of my favorite destinations and truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. During my years as a bachelor student (arts and travel business) I spent a lot of my time there, so:

Consider adding St. Petersburg to your bucket list, if it is not on there yet!


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