Wollongong beach. What is in my beach bag.

Today I’ll take you to the beautiful and less crowded hidden place around Sydney. I’ll also reveal you some of my beauty secrets and show what is in by beach bag.

Wollongong splash

Beach mode is ON. Mix and match bikinis tops and bottoms making you able to find more bikini sets options :) Triangle bikini top – Size M.

Sunscreen is more than important. Besides a sunscreen lotion you will need an SPF lipstick for protected and moisturized lips. I currently have Uriage SPF 30 lipstick, it’s a good protection, moreover my lips are safe from dehydration, however I do not really like the taste (I am using it now, but would not buy it anymore), there are good spf lipsticks from Nivea, so you can grab one of those. They are normally available at any supermarket or a drug store.

I always use thermal water, it keeps your skin refreshed and moisturized you anytime you need it. Most of the thermal water bottles are available in a travel size packaging, so you can pop it into your beach bag easily.

I also prefer to take a light spray for the skin moisturizing and softening. Your skin is loosing lots of water and is getting dry on the sun. So after a beach shower I usually use tones of moisturising cream. I prefer something light and highly moisturising, that is easy to use and smell nice at the same time. And the perfect product for me is a Sunctuary oil spray, which is absorbing by the skin quickly. The texture is not thick in contrast to any cream and you do not feel it at all on your skin – so it is a great pick great for a hot day.

Awesome lipstick solution for a summer is a Revlon lip balm – I am obsessed with those, there is a large choice of colors, they are light textured, moisturising, bright shining colors, fresh minty taste – perfect for the summertime.

Wollongong beach

Have fun at the beach and comment bellow what are you favorite essential beauty products for the beach day.

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