My Apps selection Vol 3

My Apps Choice vol. 3

How to appear in doubles, how to focus the image, how to get your loyalty cards organized and more in this vol.

how to appear in doubles

*** After Focus  ***before and after focus

focus the photo When you need to focus on the figure and blur the background, when just the tilt-shift function is not enough – here you can easily chose where do you want the boardings for your blurry background. Moreover, you can set the blur deepness and apply some filters. Available for Android and ios

*** Reflection ***

how to appear in doubles on the photo

Another popular App, which allows you to reflect the picture and appear in doubles on the photo.


*** Flipagram ***

Free application for the making the video clip out of your pics. Create cool short video stories with your phone photos and pics from your phone. Kind of shirt and find presentation slides. Available for ios, Android and Windows.

See how to use Flipagram here.

***  iMovie ***

One pf my favorite Apps. Here you can create a movie, cutting videos, adding sounds and music. It is incredibly easy.  Available for the ios.

*** Fid Me ***

An application for storing all your plastic loyalty and discount cards in on place and in order. Just pick the shops, scan your card and then just use your phone instead of carrying tons of cards. It also helps if you lose a card, but you still have it in your app. Available for all smartphone types.

how to store all the plastic cards in your mobile

(in the next vol)

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