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I am obsessed with beauty products, love having makeup and looking pretty it and my house is full of makeup too lol.

I love sharing my opinion and experience, hoping that my reviews can be useful for you, ladies. I would like to introduce some Australian beauty brands to you and talk about it a little. ♡♡ 


I love that many Australian brands are conscious of ethically produced cosmetics. Majority of Australian brands are against animal testing. Today I’ll be reviewing here a few products that I’ve tried at the moment and I’ve got something to share.

All these brands claim they are cruelty-free.


Onne Beauty is 100% cruelty-free, PETA approved, vegan, organic and gluten free brand made in Australia. This is currently my favourite Australian beauty brand.

Read my detailed review here. 

2. Inika

This brand is ethically produced and it is vegan, they do not test it on animals at any production stage. This information is confirmed by PETA. The brand has been recently redesigned and they have added 2-leaves elements, symbolising nature, stressing out organic natural makeup. Certified organic.

These products are designed in Australia and made in the USA.

1. Mineral Powder

Inika mineral powder review

Light and transparent powder that sets your makeup and gives a shiny glow to your skin. When I’ve used it for a few couples of times, I have not even noticed the shimmer, it depends on the lighting though. It does not have any smell, and it is quite long lasting. I use it for finishing my makeup, to set the foundation, even the skin tone and give a fresh look to my skin.

My shade is Nuture 04.

I also totally love their mascara – it is so lightweight and comfortable to ware, it gives a good length and definition and it is very easy to remove.

2. Mineral Blush

It is a beautiful product with a very natural looking shade, easy to apply.

I love this one as I usually prefer using a darker colour than my skin tone to define my face contour.

It is a very light wear product and you do not even see and feel that you have makeup, it looks so naturally beautiful. I use Blooming Nude (03) shade.

Inika’s certifications:

3. ChiChi 

100 % cruelty-free. Lots of their products are vegan (approved by PETA)

 It is an affordable brand with a wide range of products and a huge colour palette.

I use a couple of their lipsticks – and I  love the texture – thick and creamy and nicely scented.

4. Models Prefer

A ‘Budget lux’ brand by Australian pharmacy Priceline. 

A representative for Priceline has stated that Models Prefer does not test on animals, however, they are not listed on any official cruelty-free list (neither on a do-test list).

In this case, PETA says there can be some doubts that the brand is 100% cruelty-free. However, it has not been proved that Models Prefer to do a test on animals.

The brand’s Instagram bio states that they are cruelty-free.

– Face brush. It gives you perfect light powder coverage. I use it to set the makeup with a bit of light foundation powder (e.g. Ininka – the nest item in this list). I like the size and I like that it is not too thick. Overall, I am satisfied with this brush, however, I do not like that much other brushes from this brand. The hairs are artificial, pretty soft and nice to use, never come out from the brush.

Australian Cosmetic brands

5. Red Earth Australia cosmetics

Long wear fluid foundation spf 18.

 Australian Red Earth Foundation review

It’s a semi-transparent, liquid, light and natural looking foundation. Spf 18 is a great bonus. Love this foundation and from 4 others I have on my shelf. I usually prefer this one. It does not mask drastic imperfections but gives you light coverage.

If you would like to buy it online from overseas – the currently deliver only within Australia.



6. Outback Eve

A beautiful all-natural brand with all the products created for sensitive skin.

I have their 100% cruelty-free lipstick, some eyeshadows and foundation powder and I absolutely love every single product and brand’s philosophy.


You can buy it online and learn more on their website here.


7. Australis

They claim they do not test on animals, however, they are not on the PETA list of non-animal testing brands, neither on a do-testing list. In this case, PETA says that brands might refuse to answer the questions and confirm the information they provide. We can not be sure it is 100% cruelty-free and animal testing might be a case in some stage of production.

Australis offers super affordable beauty products. Worldwide shipping.

‘Velour Lips’

Matte liquid lipstick. The obvious benefit is a price (10.49 AUD), it is a long-lasting product, I can wear it for a few hours and I quite like the smell. Another positive thing – they do not test their product on animals, as they claim. You need to be aware of how to use this product.

When I first used it, I was totally disappointed.  It dried my lips out and the layer of the product looked crumbly. However, after I’ve tried to use it on the lip balm, it turned to a pretty good looking matte lipstick. I love it because it is very saturated and provides statement shades.

The quality is still not really high, but pretty acceptable if you are using it right.

In comparison to mac matte lipstick, for instance, these ladies give you more colour and saturation. Price is great and the product is always available at any Priceline or online. So after I used one of these – I’ve got two more. I also can hear compliments addressing my lipstick when I am wearing Australis Velour lips.

Tips to apply: use a small amount of the lip balm first. Then apply a lip liner or draw the lip line with the brush tip. Then cover all the lip with the product. The last step – tap a little bit of lip balm with your fingers on top, just in the middle of your lips. Thus, it will not dry out your lips, the contour will not get smudged and you can wear it for all night ). If I am having a dinner – after, for refresh the makeup, I usually use a  little bit of lip balm again, then touch on my lips with a tissue to absorb a little bit of balm with a product and then us more lipstick on top for a better look.

Names of the shades sound pretty cool: Bar-ta-lona, Rio-D.

Australis liquid lips review

Red lips silence

Pink Australis review

Pink Australis lips Australis review


Next product from the same brand is Lip Pencil. It’s a perfect nude shade, which is matching to different lipsticks  I’ve got. It also can be used just by itself to create that looking like Kylie Jenner signature lips. The shade is very natural, it is easy to apply and it lasts longer. In colour Tickled pink. Price is only about 9.50 AUD. IMG_4464


Australis Eyeliner pencils. I have already mentioned this product in one of my previous beauty posts about make up for the beach, and about great budget makeup products. I’ll briefly talk about it here.

– 10 Hrs wear pencil. Blue (‘Aqua Attack’) is just amazing. Super soft, supersaturated. A colour that pops. I would not say it is long-lasting though, it is disappearing on me definitely in less than 10hrs. Only 10.50 AUD.

What is great – I can found pretty often discounts and promotions for this cosmetics at Priceline and I buy it even cheaper.

– Australis Powder Liner. I’ve been pretty excited using all these products by this brand. So I’ve got this shadow eyeliner – something different. I am not using it at all cause even if you apply it on an eyeshadow primer, it is not a lasting product and I did not really understand any benefits of it. Pretty easy to apply though. What I think you can actually use it for – to underline the bottom lead, but definitely on the primer underneath.

Australis powder liner review

8. Face of Australia

It is an affordable brand made in Australia. They claim to be against animal testing (If you check PETA list, it is not on the do-animal testing list, however, it is not on the do-not testing list either).

– HD primer

Only $13 AUD primer. It makes your skin fantastically smooth, silky and even. It feels a bit silicon-ish though, but it does not lock your pores. You will need a tiny drop of the product for the entire face. In comparison to Benefit ‘Porefessional’, it is smoother gives but thicker coverage, it is more gel-ish textured. I do not use it very often. I am not a big fan of primers in general and do not like to feel anything on my skin. Does not have any scent. Has to be shaken properly before every use.

Face of Australia PRIMER review

– Blush.

Face of Australia BLUSH review

I’ve got a Primrose shade, it is dusty pink shade and looks very natural and beautiful. Even though I never use pink blush, this shade is pretty suitable for my skin tone. The texture is matte, smooth and thick, it is easy to apply and it is long lasting. I use to blend it properly with my kabuki brush.


How do you find out if a brand is cruelty-free?

I have downloaded a very handy and easy to use ‘Bunny Free’ APP, where you can easily check if the product is in the cruelty-free list. It is free and available in Apple Store and Google Play.

I think we all should be concerned about ethical production. I have realised, that even though the brand says they are cruelty-free, you can not be sure unless some serious third party made a check.


PETA cruelty-free Australian brands list

DO test on animals brands

That’s all for today, let me know if this post was interesting for you – I ‘ll be happy to write more reviews on Australian cosmetics that I have.

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