Australian Winter

Today I wanted to share this post about Australian Winter (June-August) just to give you an idea how cold it is in Sydney and what I wear here.

Here is a very casual, but cute outfit with blue details (my favourite colour!) and different textures, suitable for cold weather.

The Wintertime and colder weather allow us experimenting a little bit more with layers, textures and fabrics. We can wear woollen knitted items, and thicker, heavier materials. Here is an example of how you can style and match different fabrics items. I would recommend choosing some matching colours, as you can see here, 3 different tones of grey, beige and blue create a nice match.

Girl and the airplane

Australian Winter outfit

July in Australi. What to wear

This is my first Winter in Australia and I was very surprised it can be that cold here! haha

I had to get myself a second heater and to unpack my warm closet :)

Winter in Australia is not that terribly cold, but the central heating system simply does not exist. When it is only 4 degrees outside (in the night time), you will need to wear uggs and sleep under an electric blanket in front of two heaters.

Although Australian Winter is not so bad, many people including myself do not expect wearing coats and hats here when planning a trip to Australia. So if you are moving to Australia – do not forget to grab your beanie and something warm!

Ugg boots have been created in Australia for wearing at home during the Wintertime.

There are still palm trees around and in most areas, and there is no snow in Sydney (you can find snow around the mountains).

In the middle of the day, when the sun is up and shining it can be quite hot and you can even catch some suntan.

As soon as the sun starts going down in the afternoon – you will need to put on your jackets, scarfs and everything warm you have straight away.

Fun fact: you can see people wearing duck down jackets and thongs on Sydney streets. So winter fashion here is quite confusing :)

In this look: Zara shoes and The Story Of cardigan, Kira Plastinina tote bag.

Check out my Australian Autumn photos from the Blue mountains! Just before the snow has fallen



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