Simply Beautiful. Celsius Coffee&Co Sydney.

An iconic Instagram spot of Sydney.

Do you like venues with beautiful views?

I always love eating out to the venues with great views. I have spotted this scenic coffee place in the quiet area of Kirribilli simply browsing my Instagram feed.

(This is a great marketing hint for other cafes btw).  Make sure you have something Insta-worthy in your venue to make it more discoverable!

There are not many people around the area around, but this little cafe on the wharf always have guests. Young people come here to take those likable Instagram shots and here is why!

We have ordered delicious pancake with peanut butter sauce and Eggs Benedict. Food looks beautiful and tastes great, especially with the beautiful view. Coffee is great, and you can also have a freshly squeezed juice. This is a small and simple wooden construction on the water with panoramic water view. It feels like you are floating on the water. Sip your coffee and watch passing by ferries from the water.

If you were looking for a best Instagram spots in Sydney – visit Celsius ;) It is also a beautiful spot for a casual date – your significant one will be impressed for sure.

Tables with the view here are quite small and can accommodate 3 people max. They do not take bookings, walk-in only.

Tag my Instagram account if you will take a snap here, I would love to see it with your eyes!




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4 thoughts on “Simply Beautiful. Celsius Coffee&Co Sydney.

  1. Alice - 18.05.2017

    do you still own that pink shiny befree raincoat?

  2. Inna - 18.05.2017

    Hi Alice, yes, I do :)

  3. Alice - 18.05.2017

    Do you use it often? Can you show some pics of u wearing it a bit more close up? it seems to looks so pretty! <3

  4. Inna - 21.05.2017

    Thank you, Alice! It was summer in Australia, so I was not wearing it. But now winter and rains coming up and I will use it more ;) I will post more on Instagram and Instagram stories ;) x

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