A weekend in Sydney – Cocktails at Charlie Parker’s

Charlie Parker’s is a new venue by Merivale family. When Merivale opens a new place, there are no doubts it will be iconic  – from food & drinks to the service and interiors. Charlie Parker is a hidden stylish cocktail bar in Paddington. Step in to the Fred’s and go downstairs to get the best cocktails in Sydney. Food and drinks here are based on seasonal produce.

Try a few cocktails and simple, but amazing snacks, for example, roasted almonds with rosemary. If you are not sure what to order, a passionate and friendly staff will always help you. They will be happy to share the story of Charlie Parker’s and have a nice & friendly chat. We loved staying at the bar seats and watching skillful bartenders mixing the drinks.

I love Palmer and Co cocktails, and now I found a place which is a great alternative to Palmers’ if you are around Paddington and you want to have a great experience.

You should definitely add it to your places to visit list and go there asap for a few drinks! Make sure to try a few cocktails at Charlie Parker’s. I am happy I have discovered this wonderful place.

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