Crumpled photo filter

How to add wrinkled paper effect on your image

How to add wrinkle paper effect on a phooto

Open Snapseed App (available on Android and iPhone),

hit + and add your image you'd like to edit.

Go to Tools -> Double Exposure

Hit add an image.

Hit 'Blending Mode' and choose 'Overlay'.

Wrinkled paper effect

Adjust the Opacity if needed.

Hit tick to apply.

If you want to erase the overlay, e.g. on your face - go to 'View Edits', choose your double exposure edit and pick a brush.

Using a Mask, apply a zero of double exposure on the areas you'd like to erase.

And that's it!

You can also just adjust highlights of your image in tools to develop the effect and remove that brightness excess.


You can also use Pixart App to do the same thing, it is slightly easier to reposition the overlay and to erase /draw the layer there, but ads are annoying :)

Check out my full quick video tutorial here.

You can also download my own royalty-free overlays I've created for you guys just to thank you for reading my blog and checking out my Instagram.

Follow me if you think it was useful and tag me @inna_tevi if you used my tutorials and any of my overlays!


I also have AR filter with a crumple effect on Insta!

Download effect on your camera to shoot in this style.

Go to my Instagram profile and choose the filters tab. Save the filter to your camera effects and start shooting.

DM me if you have any questions about it or anything else!





You can also try Tezza app filters - you can find a few crumpled paper effects there x

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