Denmark & Albany, Western Australia

Denmark & Albany Western Australia

- Best things to do and to see -

This was our very first adventure of 2018 :)

We drove 4.5 hours from Perth to stay around Albany and Denmark and explore South of Western Australia.

The initial idea was going to Esperance, however, Esperance was a little too far away - about 8 hours drive from Perth. Ideally, you need some time for travel there and enjoy it's best, perhaps a minimum of a week or something.

So we have decided to take 3 nights and 4 days and see something in between and this decision did not disappoint us at all!

If you are around Perth and think of a sweet escape for a few days or if you plan a trip to Western Australia - save this destination on your travel and map!

I could not even imagine there are so many things to do and so many mesmerising and even a few fun places to see around this area.

Here is the list of things to do so you have a maximum of your trip!
If you have any other suggestions and ideas for this trip - make sure to leave a comment, so other travellers can see it.



Denmark & ALbany WA Video Tour


Green Pools

To be exact they should name is 'perfectly turquoise pools' :)

Enjoy little 'private' pools or swim in the ocean. The water is normally still and is perfect for a bath!

Explore the area on your left or stay on the right if you feel lazy.

There are some families with kids at the little beach on the right side of the stairs.

The long way downstairs can be a problem with a limited mobility.



Elephant Rocks

Elephant rocks is a gorgeous place with the enormous stones rising from the water and looking like elephants' backs.

I have never seen anything like this anywhere else in Australia yet and this place is very unique. That is why this location attracts lots of visitors and may be crowded, especially on public holidays.

This spot is located at the same place where the Green Pools are. It is separated by the stone formations and there are two different stairs from the carpark to these two spots.

The elephant rocks stairs are steeper.

Here you can jump from the stones as we did on the video above - see the video to see which stone you can climb and jump safely.

There are no public toilets downstairs and no drinking, make sure to use the bathrooms before and bring your drinking water with you.


Alpaca farm

Denmark Animal Farm Pentland Alpaca Stud, Denmark, WA


It is a family owned and operated business that is established in 1990.

You can walk around the spacious, interact with animals and feed them, enjoying their quiet serene nature surroundings (they will provide animal food at the entrance).

There are lots of different animals, such as rabbits, goats, a camel, foxes and more. You can also purchase an animal here (rabbit for $15 or guinea pig, or even an alpaca if you want :) ).

They take care of many rescued animals, which is very kind and nice.

Please, donate on your way back if these animals made you a little bit happier and I am sure they would :)

This place is great for families, children and adults.


Honey farm & Honey Ice Creamery

Try natural super delicious ice cream with various honey flavour: Honey Coffee, Honey Banana, Honey Toffee, Honey Ginger  - my favourite, but in fact all of them are delicious and must try ! :) Furthermore, they have a cute Instagram-worthy outside cafe outside with hanging colourful umbrellas to save you from the sun. They close earlier, so make sure to visit them before 3 PM. We have arrived quarter to 3 and have been kicked out as soon as we bought an ice cream - they had to shut the gates and so we ate our ice creams on the road lol. That's just a specific of remote business & service work I guess, lol. I will still recommend this place because Ice cream is amazing! website

Treetop walk hanging bridge

Walk literally on the top of the trees! Breathtaking bird-eye views and amazing experience. We could not make it through and I regret it a lot, as far as the day we were planning a Tree Top walk it was super stormy as it has never been before, how lucky! :) I wish to come back there one day to experience this sick walk and to take some cool Instagram photos :) For now I share a picture by kasey.marks on Instagram.     

The Gap Natural Bridge

The most breathtaking epic view ever from the super high cliff! I mean, I've seen many different beautiful views in Australia and around the world. This one is the most scenic and impressive  I still have a faster heartbeat when I am thinking of it because this place is a pure scary beauty. I think it can be an amazing place for a wedding proposal or something like that. You will remember it forever and she simply could not say 'No' here :) There is not enough words in any language or picture taken to describe the emotions and energy you have in this place. You just have to go there and experience it yourself. Watch my video above to understand a little bit better what I am talking about here.


Blow Holes

It is similar nature's sensation to Kaiama Blow Holes, and so I have not expected it to be blowing and so it did not. Many people including limping seniours were travelling here and made a huge effort to go down and up the massive stairs to the magic and the world wonder but it was just a whole, without any blow! :) So please, do not expect anything as you need to be very lucky to see the fountain. However, you will definitely enjoy the views and surfing at the end of the path on the right, behind the cliffs, if you are good at it.  

Cable Beach

This beach is located behind the cliff of the Blow Hole beach, however, you can not walk or even possibly swim there due to the rocks formations and big waves. You will need to drive up to find it's little-hidden car park and this beautiful, remote, a simple hidden gem beach will be most likely yours as no one really goes there for some reason. I think because they mostly hang out around more popular and crowded Green Pools and Blow Holes.    

Whaling Station in Albany

It is a recognised historical place which worked as a whale products factory. It is a unique place and the only one entire whaling station attraction in the world. You can take a tour here and climb aboard the Cheynes IV, the world’s only one well-preserved Whalechaser ship. Here you can also see a giant blue whale skeleton and check the museum with a world-renowned marine animal art collection and a shell exhibition. The museum also stores and exhibit authentic whaling artefacts. You can also relax and have a coffee or eat something at the cafe with the view, of course! The Whaling Station is open 9 am to 5 pm (last entry 4.15pm) and the Guided tours run every day for 60 minutes between 10 am and 3 pm daily. An adult ticket will cost you $32 and kids $12. You can find more prices and info on the website here.   

Ocean Beach

Ocean beach has 2 or 3 beautiful 360 view lookouts. The beach offers surf lessons with some easy waves for beginners and longboarders. We came here to take a quick look and a few photos for my Instagram & this Blog :) Let me know if you visit this beach and if you enjoy it ;)



Where to stay in Denmark, WA

You can find some nice and cozy picturesque Airbnb houses for rent for about $200 per night with two bedrooms, kitchen and beautiful picture-worthy views.   The forest holiday house on the images below is The Ark of Denmark. 

Where to Stay

Free camping

In case if you travel on a budget, there are few sweet and free camping spots next to the river mouth. We stayed at Torbay Campsite, this spot is sheltered from the sun and wind. There are a couple of spots for caravans if you are travelling with one. There are no showers and you will need to get a solar camping shower for you and you can get a simple one from Kmart for as cheap as $ 8. Alternatively, you can also have a nice, clean and shower at the tourist information centre for $5.

There is another free cozy, but scenic beachfront campground around Albany & Denmark - Shelley beach, a popular spot among paragliders and it is may be very windy here.

Here is a public facilities finder (showers & toilets) - which may be useful, save this link!

Leave your comment what do you think if you have ever visited any of these places or would like to visit!

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Also if you find any spelling mistakes, please, do not hesitate to point out! English is my second language and you can probably see I have improved a lot since my oldest post if you follow my blog for a while.

Thank you so much!

Safe travels and I will see you soon!



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