Endota Spa Fremantle review

Hi my beauties!

Today we are going to have a look inside Endota SPA in Fremantle.

I have been looking for a nice place to have a massage around Fremantle. My back was a little bit sore, and my muscles needed to be relaxed. I have to have a massage sometimes as well as yoga and a swim for keeping my back strong, straight and healthy. I also wanted to have a massage session during my lunch break at work. So I have found this little SPA called Endota in Fremantle. I found a few positive reviews and an available appointment slot for a back massage.

They took my credit card details and advised they have a 50% cancellation charge policy. A smart move for a business which is, of course, more beneficial for a business than for a customer. I was a little bit surprised, and I see this for the first time in my life. It feels a little bit pushy.

Perhaps, they could do a discount for paying in advance to make this process less pushy and somewhat dodgy. In other SPAs and this kind of services, you usually pay in advance if you buy a few treatments package- that is understandable. When I asked if they have multiple treatments packages or membership, they said they didn’t.

The SPA is located in a nice ex-residential house, and it looks very cosy and quiet. The lovely staff offers you some herbal tea while you are waiting to be called.


They also ask you to fill out a detailed survey with lot’s of questions, even about your face, e.g. if you do botox and fillers or not. Not sure why did they need it if I only wanted a quick 30 minutes back massage, though.

Be prepared that you might be waiting for your massage for a while and make sure you have a minimum of extra half an hour or even more on top of your treatment.

I was quite happy about my massage and a therapist. The rooms are clean and tidy, and massage feels good. My back felt better after a treatment with the product with a strong smell they applied to relax my muscles (make sure they do not use it if you go for a date after lol).

When we finished, I was invited to buy their products, which was a bit too insisting and somewhat annoying. They asked me like 10 times what do I want to buy and how good is their offers and their creams.

Overall I had a nice experience, and I loved my massage.

Keep in mind, that this is more esthetic than medical treatment. Nevertheless, the staff seems to be professional and knowledgeable, they are happy to recommend you the best treatment for you and give you lots of necessary information.  In other salons, they might just do they job without explaining much.

If you want to spoil someone and look for a nice gift – a massage certificate at Endota Spa will be a good idea. According to my research, the prices are higher than in the majority of other massages around Fremantle.

I will keep my beauty adventures and explorations and will update you on my new SPA and beauty salon finds!

For the moment this is my review:

Ambience 7 out of 10

Cleanliness 8 out of 10

Design 7 out of 10 

Price for Value 7 out of 10

Relaxation 8 out of 10

Service 7 out of 10


Drawbacks – It feels a little pushy and like they just want your money without offering something valuable. If they change the approach I would be more happy to come back.

I would like to add, this SPA looks like an occasional service, I am not sure if I would be their regular customer. Overall, it it is a nice massage experience. However, I will look for a better value and keep reviewing other salons to keep you informed. Feel free to leave your email to stay updated about beauty places around :)



PS: this review is 100% based on personal experience, all opinions are my own.

Let me know if these kind of posts are interesting for you and what are your favorite massage and beauty spots in Perth and Sydney – I will definitely check it out!

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