Food Photography

Hello there, thank you for having a look at my work.

I am Inna and I am a digital marketing specialist and a professional content creator. I am create content for brands and help businesses grow developing their social media accounts.

I specialise on: Food photography, cocktails & drinks and lifestyle photography.

Noosa food photographer

Animated content creation

Animated content works great for social media advertising as it catches attention better than still photos.


I create content for brands and mostly for social media and online use.

Animations and video content creation is also available.

Photography Bookings available in the following locations Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth. Additional locations may be available upon request.

My photography goals is to make people salivating looking at the image! My clients say that my photos sell, which is the most important fot the business.

I take photos considering the style and branding of the venue. Some venues have brighter colours style, some may have dark colours and I am working with this in mind. As a marketing professional I create content that will benefit the brand and the business.

We often work together with my partner who has deep knowledge in photography and unique technical skills that he has gained working with some of very important photographers in Europe. Together, we are Ydea media agency based in Australia.

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