An Easy Way to Skyrocket Your Click-Through Rate

Hi guys, I hope you like the new appearance of my blog! I have redesigned it at the end of October. Since then I notice some positive changes. Now it looks visually better, secondly, it is more user-friendly and the navigation and logic look better now.

I constantly keep improving my website, and I have noticed what can skyrocket your CTR (click-through rate stats). Right after I have done this, my CTR improved from 0.4 page views per visitor to about 3 page views per visitor. This method also helped to decrease my Bounce rate significantly. High bounce rate shows that people leave after seeing one page on your website. However, what we want here is more interaction, right?

You can improve your click-through rate and decrease your bounce rate too! First, let’s figure out:

What is CTR, how to measure it and why is it important? 

You can find your CTR stats in your Google Webmaster tools as soon as you set up your Google search console.

Click through rate can also affect your website’s Google ranking and overall website SEO performance.

CTR illustrates the average of pages your unique visitors open. It is always better for you when people click through your website, checking different pages and spend more time on your website.

If someone opened your webpage and closed it straight away – you get a high bounce rate and Google treats your website as a less interesting one! When Google’s spiders see that people interact more with your website, you get a better ranking.

The problem of my website was in the design and layout of a home page. A typical structure for many blogs (especially beginners) is when you display your blog posts on your homepage.

Best ideas for blog design

Thus, your visitors can already see lots of content straight away when the open my website. If they read your blog posts or excerpts and do not click further – you are in trouble.

What I ‘ve done is – I have added a custom-made home page, where you can choose the category you like.

This step logically takes a visitor through the next page – pick a category and see what you like.

And now it looks like this

Blog best designs

And here you can clearly see how my results grow drastically after that change.

Increase page per session


Let me know what do you think and what you would recommend for CTR improvement :)

Another good idea for improving the time spent on your website:

Add an infinite scroll to your blog, but make sure it is compatible with your theme (if you use one).

People just love scrolling and you will also love it, as far as it involves more interaction, reveals more content where they eventually will find something they love and will click through your blog.

How to add a custom Home Page to your website? 

There are a few methods.

Method 1.

First – change your theme to one of the themes providing HomePage.

Here you can see that I have a Home Page option in my Appearance in the WordPress dashboard.

If you install one of the Site Origin themes – you will get a Home Page by default.


Method 2. 

You can also choose any of the pages you want to display as a home page, then in your dashboard go to Settings -> Reading ->

And then pick any page you want to display as your home page here – Front Page (pick a page from the list)

So you display your desired page as a home page now!

How to add custom categories to a front page. 

There are few methods as well – you can just upload a gallery and link a certain category to a certain photo ( I do not like this method so much, but perhaps, this is the easiest one).

Next method – is downloading website builder plugins and to design your layout.

At this stage, I have worked with two different Page Builders – Site Origin and Content Maker.

Both are good enough and it depends on your personal preference.

I have chosen Site Origin for my blog, as far as I love that they provide lots of video tutorials with easy step-by-step explanation.

You will still need to spend some time practising and playing around with your website builder to get used to it and to do things quickly.

Here is a very helpful video about how to set up a custom HomePage yourself without knowing any coding and HTML.

SiteOrigin Tutorial.


You can also use Elementor, which is very similar an easy drag & drop.

I hope that helps! Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for my blog.

Let me know how did you go with it if you will decide to make this big step in growing and improving your blog’s functionality.

I want to see the results of your job if you do it and how your CTR is going to be improved! Send me some links or twit your link to me @InnaTevi 

Good luck and I will talk to you soon.


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