How do I look younger. 30th to 20th?

This is a question that 99.9 % of woman and many men are concerned about. I feel like I have discovered some secrets of that magic elixir of youth and it works for me till now.

Friends and strangers never believe how old am I and everyone is very surprised when they hear ‘Thirty Two’. For some people, may say ‘great genetics’, however, it is only one small factor out of many others.
This info is based only on personal experience and here is what I do.

Some of these advisers might be obvious and just work as a reminder for you.

Here are the ingredients of my secret Youth Elixir


First of all, I believe it is a good sleep. I sleep a lot whenever it is possible. I can clearly see the difference when I do sleep enough or when I do not. When you have a lack of sleep, your skin is dull, lose a bit of elasticity and even fine lines become more visible.

So try to do your best to sleep 8-9 hours a day. I know, for many it is not that easy and I am lucky enough to do not care about many other things and give more priority to a decent sleep.

Be conscious of what you consume

We are what we eat. I do not do any particular diet, but I just love healthy food and hate junk. You probably already know this one, many of us do know, but not many of us follow the idea.

How to eat healthily? Fall in love with all veggies, cereals, and everything natural. There are lots of sources for healthy recipes.  Include salads, more fruits, and veggies to your diet.

What I do – I always keep some fresh fruits on the table and in the fridge and just do not buy chips and lollies things. When you do not have bad things, you naturally get what you have; this is the most simple trick. I add various seeds to my salads and avo toasts, it makes your salad more delicious, less boring, and more feeling.

When you truly fall in love with everything healthy and natural, you will be more likely to refuse junk food.

I do not drink much alcohol apart from an occasional glass of red wine.

I do not smoke and do not advise you too. To be honest, I did smoke before, but when I realized how it affects my skin look, I have firmly decided that my skin is more important than smoking. Drink more water is a cliche, but I must add it here because it really helps your body and skin to look and feel younger.

Exercise on a Fresh Air

Exercise outside. Run, walk, swim and do your favourite activities in the open air. You can see how your skin is glowing and you receive that healthy sexy flash when and after exercise. Your blood circulation improves and more oxygen is delivered to your skin cells.

Here is a post with my own work our motivation tips. 

I believe what made me look young is my passion for the winter sports. I love snowboarding, skiing and whenever I have a chance for going to the mountains, I do that. I grew up in the area surrounded by the mountains and I saw older people who do skiing always look at least 10 years younger than their peers. This is a 100% true.

Here is important using a sunscreen to keep our skin protected from the sun even in Winter with low-temperature mountain sun can be harsh for your skin, causing sunburns and earlier aging.

Ensure proper skin care & moisturising

What I find the most efficient for the younger look:


My favourites here are Korean Mask sheets. You can see the effect straight away. These masks nourish your skin, it is glowing and looks lifted. I apply masks whenever I have 15-20 minutes at home. I purchase those in Bulk and I tried tons of them. My current favourite is Shea Butter by Nature Republic. You can order it online, for example, here. Try to use this kind of masks 2-3 times a week. It is important not to wear the mask more than the recommendation on a packaging.

I also use all kind of oils to moisturise my skin. My current favourites are RoseHip Body Oil by Essano for the body, Fabulous Face Oil by Aesop and a dry Oil by Burts Bees for cuticles. 




Sun is one of the most factor affecting our skin aging. Protect your skin even in winter, including a sun-protection cream in your daily routine. Remember about hands and neck – these areas are often overlooked.


When I forget about this procedure, I can see the pores have become clogged and skin tone uneven. When you do scrub once or twice a week, your skin looks smooth, shiny and younger. Micro-massage brings blood to your skin cells and helps your skin to regenerate.

There is a huge choice available on the market of various face brushes and scrub creams and washes with exfoliating cells. I used to have a face brush by body shop and now I currently have


Massage is not only one of the best to relax and relieve the pain, it is also a way to keep your skin toned and younger-looking.

I can recommend 3 types of massage:

  1. Manual hand massage with oils to moisturise and nourish and smooth your skin, add more elasticity. Visit massage salons when you have a chance to do so. Massage your skin with upwards motions while applying your skin creams and lotions.
  2. Brushing. Brushing is something that I regret when I forget. Try brushing if you have never tried it before and you will see the noticeable difference already in a week. It is super effective against cellulite and dry, dull skin. Apply your favourite body oil after use. Here is my current favourite Cactus Brush by Body Shop.
  3. Medical cosmetic hardware message. You can ask your beauty therapist in your skin clinic about the best solution for your skin. Nowadays there are plenty of various machines used in cosmetology.

This is my best-kept secret. I have one little homecare massaging kit called darsonval. I purchased it initially for the scalp treatment and hair growth, but after I have discovered it works well on a face and body skin too. It is a high-frequency machine for skin tightening, fine lines, and acne treatment. It promotes blood circulation and improves your skin conditions.

You can check one of those on Amazon. All you will need is 15 minutes of your time every second day, for example, when you watch your favourite TV series. You will need to do a course of 2-3 weeks and then repeat in a couple of months or when necessary.

Pay a special attention to your elbows hands and feet, when brushing, scrubbing and moisturizing. Treat it with body oils and get your nails done. Too much nail design looks outdated and out of fashion. Use natural manicure and nude polish colours.

Visit a cosmetologist regularly

But do not get too crazy about it. To know the limits and where is enough is an art. Ask for your therapist to do less and you can always add more when it is needed.

Include cosmetologist expenses into your budget planning. Skin treatments at home are essential. However, nothing will change your skin look like a visit to a decent cosmetologist doctor. If you are scared of needling, there are various machines massages and light (LED, infrared, etc.) treatments, that will maintain your skin healthy and younger look.

Some of the women make a mistake avoiding beauty treatments till it is too late. Preventing aging is easier than treating it later. If you are in your thirties you have to check your skin with a professional and receive personal recommendations on your future treatments. Then it is your choice to treat it or not, but at least it is a good idea to get a professional advice.

You might be against injections, but at the certain point, many of us are agree that this is the most efficient method to get rid of wrinkles. Even if you do it only once in a while, your facial muscles will be more relaxed and you will be less tendency to use them that much in the future. Even when the product dissolves. Less you use your face – muscles, fewer lines appear.


Open your mind

I can see people who are open to everything new and who are always learning and train their brains are young in mind and in a body. If you feel like your life became a routine, go for a trip, meet new people, learn something new and start a new hobby. If you think you know everything you are too old! :)

Rethink what you wear

Think of the people you know who look younger than they are. What do they have in common? What I can see, it is often an active lifestyle and open minds to everything new. Moreover, the personal style and what they wear.

Do not get crazy wearing teenage clothing when you are not a teenager, but do follow some fresh trends and add some new items to your wardrobe. Even classic items, such a T-shirt, and tank tops are always updating. For example, at the moment, there are loose T-shirts are in trend and lingerie style tank tops instead of the basic ones. Follow fashion bloggers (ideally your age ones) to see what is in trends, they communicate the latest styles to their followers. Do not get crazy wearing everything trendy, it might look funny and strange, it also has to match your body type. If you need any help to revise your wardrobe or to get a style advice, I do random free consultations to my blog readers. Just contact me on the form below and say hi.

Here are a few bloggers around or over 30 years old.

Sincerely Jules,  IG – Casual, relaxed style

Camila Cohelo; IG – Feminine and modern style and beauty

Zanita Whittington, IG – Fashion weeks style

Aimee Song – IG. Fashionweek styles, latest trends


What are your tips and what do you think younger people have in common? Stay happy, young and in a good health, enjoy life and read Innagram :) I’ll see you here!

Stay happy, young and in a good health, enjoy life and read Innagram :)

I’ll see you here soon!


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