Have you ever heard of Republic of Karelia?

Hello explorers!

Another not-a-cliche destination for your travel inspiration today. Incredible and mysterious Karelia.

Karelia is an atmospheric place located on the boardercross of Russia and Finland.

winter in Karelia



It is about 4 hours driving from St. Petersburg and the way is beautiful – forest road with extremely tall pine trees, that meet the sky. There are a few resorts that you can visit. Many people who have been to Russia or know a lot about this country have not heard about Karelia.

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about this place and perhaps to inspire you to new travels.

The history and geography of this place is quite comprehensive and rich. One part of Karelia belongs to Russia and a part to Finland. This part of land temporarily belonged to Sweden in 14th century.

Karelia is popular for holiday tourism – for instance you can rent a holiday house and live in a winter fairy tail for a weekend or for a few days. It is a quiet and wonderful place that looks like a fairy tail. You can meet forest wildlife around your holiday house – dears, rabbits, foxes and more.

Is not that hot here in Sumer time (around 20 degrees C) and the winter is ice cold with plenty of snow.

Why visit Karelia? /What to do in Karelia?

  • To see the beautiful forest with it’s endless tall pine trees and enjoy the tranquility of the forest.
  • Eco tourism – clean air, healthy environment and virgin nature.
  •  Meet local wildlife.
  • See the mixture of cultures (Finish, Swedish and Russian).
  • See the remote and not a cliche tourists destination.
  • Stay in a relaxing atmosphere, the place surrounded by the forest.
  • Learn the history and visit local museums.
  • Rent a holiday house with friends or family.

To get to Karelia you can take a train from St. Petersburg, however I would say it is better to drive, so you can travel around with a car and explore the area.

I’ve visited Karelia twice and I would definitely come back if I have a chance. It is beautiful in Autumn and more you go north – you can see how the temperature is dropping and the landscape is changing from Autumn to Winter.

karelian forest snow in Karelia

6 thoughts on “Have you ever heard of Republic of Karelia?

  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity - 27.04.2016

    Fabulous photos, and thanks so much for sharing about this, I’ve never heard of it! Looks like a winter wonderland!

  2. Maddy - 27.04.2016

    I’ve never ever heard of Karelia! But thank you for the introduction! It looks very nice :)

  3. Inna - 04.05.2016

    Thank you, Maddy! Yes, it’s a very cool place ;) I’m glad you like it.

  4. Whit - 05.05.2016

    No, I haven’t but it looks super cute!! Must visit one day! ;)



  5. Inna - 08.05.2016

    Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you are curious :) x

  6. solosophie - 16.05.2016

    I’ve never heard of this place before! It sounds lovely though :)

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