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This post is about Korean beauty product and brands that I’ve discovered during my visit to South Korea.

Koreans are the most demanding beauty consumers and their beauty industry does everything to satisfy that demand. South Korean women spend double the amount spent by Americans on beauty products. Korean men expenditures on a beauty product are more than anywhere else in the world.

Worlds cosmetics giants follow Asian beauty innovations. Lots of current beauty and skincare trends that you know are borrowed from Koreans. Girls in South Korea from the young age of 5 are educated to implement essential beauty rituals into their everyday life.

Seaweed, Snail slime, mushroom extracts, oil cleansing, BB cream, lip tints, foundation magic cushions and other products are the inventions of South Korean cosmetic laboratories.

In this post, I’d like to share my Korean beauty products haul along with some swatches and reviews. The world recognizes the influence of K-beauty, and it becomes more popular around the globe. In 2012 South Korean beauty market export has reached 1.9 billion USD and in 2015 this amount hits a number of $2.64 billion. Impressive, huh?

 When I’ve been to Korea, I’ve noticed a huge amount of beauty shops, literally every hundred meters you can find 1-10 stores of local beauty brands. You can tell that Koreans are taking care of the skin very well, with their baby-doll looking skin and makeup.

I had to get myself a few products to try and could not leave without a few kilos of cosmetics in my luggage lol. You just can not resist when you see all these pretty and cruelty-free products, which is sold in insanely cute packagings!
Moreover, many shops in Korea are accepting the packagings for recycling – smart shopping makes sense.

I’ve found some awesome and affordable brands, which definitely deserve your attention, can’t wait to share!



Their ‘creamy lipsticks’ are gorgeous I love their beautiful texture and scent. Colours are bright and very pretty too.

These are long-lasting lipsticks. That’s an awesome haul! Those cost me only about $7 each, so I’ve got 2 and love using it. Especially when I go out for dinner or when I am away for the entire day and want my lipstick has to last.


These Nature Republic lipsticks are one of the best I’ve ever tried, lasting really whole day / or night )
I even wear it for going for the dinner or lunch and after you eat & drink you still have your pretty and mellow colour on your lips. Isn’t it amazing?


In this beauty store, I usually pick a few packs of various mask sheets -the price is only about $1-2 per piece, they often give you an additional pack of 10 as a promotion. This kind of masks moisturizes your skin perfectly, promoting lifting effect. It helps to keep your skin moisturised all day. The skin looks refreshed and it is glowing from inside. Must have and must use after a long-distance flight!

Mineral BB cream.

I kind of liked this BB cream at the beginning. It is not drying out the skin and removes skin imperfections easily. It brightens and evens the skin tone. This product was recommended by a friend who lives in Korea and says that is was a very popular product. After a few uses, I did not like its’ thick ‘mask’ effect on my face and I’ve changed it to the Misha’s BB, which I’ve found ‘lighter’ and better. Probably this BB cream will help you if you want to cover your acne scars or if you have uneven skin, as far as texture is quite thick.

Baking powder BB face wash.

This is a truly marvellous facial cleanser, which refines and brightens your pores. It has a nice and light smell and a perfect soft scrubbing creamy texture. I honestly recommend it to everyone and who buys is it thankful for my advice. I have finished already 3 of these, even though you only need a little bit and it lasts long. I’ve been using those for 3 years. When I switch to any other face wash, I eventually come back to this one again. The effect is fantastic it gently massages the skin, cleans perfectly and refines the pores, reduces the appearance of acne.

3. Tony Moly

I love Tony Moly blueberry tinted lip balm. It is a cute blueberry-shaped lip balm. It is nice as a gift – pleasant to receive and to give! It’s a nicely-scented and pretty packaged.

Tony Moly is a very pretty brand with cool packaging of apples, peaches and tomatoes shapes, honey jags, panda bottles, yummy-looking scrubs, banana lip balms, mango sunscreens and more! It is simply impossible to resist.
I also love their face masks sheets.
They make good and affordable mascaras (only about $5-10). This mascara is designed for Asian (usually shorter) lashes and it gives you such a good look and double length to the western lashes.

4. Missha

I love face mask sheets from this brand, especially honey, collagen and aloe.

I’ve tried a few lipsticks and lip glosses from this brand, but I did not really like it to be honest.
However, am obsessed with their ‘spider lash’ mascara, which I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog and I strongly recommend you to try it ;)

I’ve also got myself an eyelash conditioner. As it promises, your lashes suppose to grow longer and thicker. Unfortunately, this did not work for me and I would not recommend you buying it. This was the only one ‘NO’ from my haul.

5. Ameli

I bought one colour to try and then could not stop anymore till I’ve got 5 more lol. There are so many colours for eyes and lips! It is difficult to stop your choice on only one item. The texture is thick and highly pigmented. The average cost per eyeshadow of this brand is $10-15. They are really long-lasting and the colours are bright, pigmented and amazing!


1. Charcoal Brown – N217

2. Cinnamon Dust – N215

3. N511

4. Real Blue – N084

5. AMO – N20 ( 113 and 133 )

6. N 514



6. ESpoir.

Exploring Korean beauty brands, this brand came to my attention for a more elegant and less girly and cute packaging. They position the brand as a luxury one and it is in a little bit different price range. I was looking for a matte lipstick from Korean brands, but that time I could mostly find glosses and tints. Red matte Korean lipstick

You can rarely see a Korean woman with a lipstick fully covering the lips. What I mean by this is that they wear more transparent colours and even if they use lipstick, they would smudge it for a ‘frozen lips’ effect or an effect of a lollipop – coloured lips, like you’ve just eaten a lollipop and the colour runs to the middle of your lips. That is how some describe it. They usually do not saturate the lip contour and blend the colour into a skin. So, yes, lipsticks with the full and pigmented coverage are not popular in Korea.

Getting back to this matte lipstick that I’ve struggled to find – I fell in love with the colour, texture and it’s a package with magnet – so you not gonna lose the cover case and it is not going to open accidentally in your make up bag. 

Matte Korean lipstick Espoir swatch

It’s a little bit dry though, so it is better to apply on after you moisturise your lips. The colour lasts for a few hours and when it is fading, you eventually have that tinted effect on your lips. The price is about $15. I also like cleansing oil by this brand – it deserves a spot on your bathroom vanity shelf. 

red matte lipstick korean

7. Skinfood.

I like Face mask sheets from this brand, moisturizing feet mask socks, body lotions.

My last post about more products of Korean Beauty Products is here http://innagram.com/koreancosmetics/

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