Italian food and experience in Fremantle, Perth

La Sosta Restaurant is an Italian Restaurant serving authentic Italian food. It is a hidden gem of Fremantle, which you can not see from the street, people usually find it by recommendations or online ratings.

The restaurant in the heart of Fremantle overlooks Cappuccino strip from the Balcony.

Most of the guests come back after a first visit because it is difficult to forget such an amazing food and fun, passionate service experience.

We went to LaSosta several times, as far as our Italian friends recommended it to us.

My partner is Italian and he is very picky when we are talking about food, but this place makes him extremely happy.

All our Italian friends say that the food is just like back home in Italy because it is made from same ingredients imported from Italy or Australian grown products, thoughtfully picked by an Italian chef. Food and many ingredients (butter, pasta, sauces etc.) are made by Italians by traditional family recipes.

The restaurant holds prestigious award ‘Ospitalita Italiana’, which confirms quality and authenticity.

Fremantle Sardines in traditional cooked in the Sicilian way or Squid Ink spaghetti with WA Crab – one of the examples when the chef uses local ingredients, cooking it in Italian way, appreciating local produce.

I ended up working for LaSosta as far as really love people there, the concept of simple and delicious food, and a whole new and stunning and stylish venue in Fremantle and yes, I love Fremantle! :)

Must try at La Sosta – Squid ink Pasta with WA Crab, Farinata – unique to Australia chickpea woodfired dough. It’s a typical Tuscanian recipe, which you unlikely can find around other regions of Italy. When I go to Tuscany, I always get Farinata or they also call it ‘Chechina’ there.

Favorites of my boyfriend – Ravioli with Porcini Mushrooms, Grigliata – freshly grilled seafood selection and smoking Fiorentina (a huge grill to a table).

Melting Chocolate Moment Dessert will be the most memorable dessert experience in your life, honestly! Pouring of chocolate over melting-in-the-mouth puffs will drive anyone crazy.



Additionally, cocktails at La Sosta are to die for. Not always you can find a decent cocktail bar with perfectly balanced drinks at any restaurant, so it is a huge plus to your awesome experience.

All photography is my work.

Let me know if you will be around and which dish here is your favorite.

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Visit La Sosta restaurant website to see my photos there =) – best Italian Restaurant in Perth

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