Places to see around Rome

If you are travelling to Rome, I would recommend planning a few extra days to travel around and explore some areas nearby.

Rome obviously attracts lots of tourists and everyone goes to Coliseum after passing a long and sometimes exhausting queue.

There are many beautiful places to see in Rome, and you may want to go visit all those cliches crowded touristic places.  I would recommend escaping the city and exploring some of the hidden gems around.

Here is what you may like visiting around Rome.

We have visited all of these in only one day with a local friend, which means we were guided and so we saved lots of time in navigations and finding ourselves :) So you may need some extra time or, perhaps, book a hotel around Latina for a night to spend more quality time to explore this beautiful area. So you also will have time to relax at the beach (we did not do this on this day).

We have arrived at Giove Anxur by the closing time, and we were very lucky they let us in for a sunset and to catch that golden hour sun.


Only 2 hours by car and you are in a beautiful white-stone town located on the top of the cliff, where you can explore the beautiful tiny streets, watch breathtaking panoramic views while having a lunch, or relax by the water at the little beach with yellow and orange stripes umbrellas.

Sperlonga is definitely less crowded than Rome and I highly recommend to add it in your to visit list!

Learn a little bit more before about that Sperlonga cave, it has a tremendous history connected to the Odysseus journey.

Castel Gandolfo

It is a Summer pop residence if pop himself favourited this spot, you will definitely love it. This picturesque town is a pleasant spot to spend a few relaxing hours.

Have a lunch at the beautiful restaurant on the top of Lago Albano.

IThere are some good places to eat, including the panoramic terrace of the Ristorante Bucci (as in the image below and in the video).

The area is renowned for its local produce, so visit local shops to grab some groceries or just for having a look. Some establishments offer you the chance to taste and buy wine, meat and other local specialities.
It may be hard to believe you are just a few miles from Rome as you admire the peaceful lake views or wander the tiny lanes!



Buy local produce, prosciutto, vegetables


Gaeta is a renown tourist resort and a seaport.

You can enjoy the seaside here and explore little shop and go up to the hill to watch the incredible view. Visit the famous bell tower of the cathedral.




Sanctuary of Giove Anxur

(Temple of Juniper Anxur) is located on the top of Terracina hills and offers a spectacular view.

Walking around these ruins you can literally feel the mysterious energy that runs through this place.

Anxurus was the god of the city and the Ancient Romans dedicated this temple to Jupiter and later it was used as a monastery and then abandoned in the 16th Century.

Ensure to bring your drinking water as there is no refill.




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