TOP Mascaras.Best and worst products.

Top 5 Mascaras you need to know and try and a few that you don’t.

I like experimenting with beauty products and share those experiments. I try new mascara approximately every 2-3 month and here is my list of the best mascaras I’ve tried so far (with a bonus of do-not-like mascaras at the end of the post).


1. Missha Spider Lash / Korea/

M Spider Lash Mascara

See it on Missha website

Before and after :

missha mascara

 This is my number 1 mascara currently, it  has replaced for me the ‘Clinic’ mascara with the similar brush, which they unfortunately do not produce anymore. Moreover, the Missha one I like even more. It gives you that perfect separate lashes look. It does not flake and the best thing about it – it is super easy to wash away, just using worm water or any of your favorite make up remover.

Price is 15-20$ depending on the distributor and promotion.

2.  Dolly wink /Japan/

Dolly wink mascara

This is a really fabulous volume effect. It is easy to remove too – just use some warm water or any of your make up removers. It does not flake and it gives extremely good volume and ‘doll lashes’ effect with 2-3 layers applied. I prefer using it for the the night out, when you wear a little bit more make up than usually.

japanese mascara look

3. Cat’s wink mascara by Tony Moly

Cats wink mascara

mascara tony lomy cat wink

Another asian super cute mascara which costs only  $5. Moreover surprisingly the quality is qute good. It gives quite natural and pretty look.

4. L’Oreal Lash Telescopic

Lash telescopic

lash teescopic mascara loreal

 This mascara has a rubber applicator, it gives you good volume and length. It feels like you have a bit too much mascara on lashes, and to wash away is a bit of an issue. I can say it is better for the night when you feel like you need more make up and ‘thick and heavy’ eyelashes look. I do like this mascara, however I do not think I will re buy it after I finish it.

5.  Dior Iconic.

 I  definitely love this Mascara, however it’s is a bit more pricy and I still like my Missha more, disregards of the price. This Dior Mascara is quite difficult to wash of from your eyes and skin. Again, I prefer my number 1. It looks beautiful, but it usually just stays at the make up drawer and I do not use it often.

dior show

My Mascara do-NOT like list :

I am currently unhappy with last Clinique’s mascara, Maybeline waterproof colossal and Clarins volume. The last one looks amazing, but lives panda eye circles on your skin, which is really difficult to wash. Bobby brown length one started to flake after less than one month unfortunately and I’ve got very disappointed. I am also not so exited about Mac mascaras, they’ve got lots of gorgeous products, but they really need to work on improving their mascaras.

Where can you buy Korean and Japanese mascara? You can easily order from eBay or amazon or strawberrynet (more skincare)  if there is no distributor in your city.

Have you ever tried any of those? Which is your favorite mascara so far?  Let me know in comments. 

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