Noosa Beaches

Save this list and see if you can visit all of these beaches around Noosa!


Here is my quick guide of Noosa Beaches with some photos and general information about these spots.



I simply have to mention this beach as it is one of the most iconic beaches in Australia. It is the heart of Noosa touristic life.

The Main beach is the most accessible beach in Noosa.

Here you can find amenities, showers, toilets, changing rooms, beach club, tourist information centre, icecream shops, and the famous Hastings street down the road with its cool venues and shopping.

It might be not easy to find around the Main beach, especially during the holidays. I recommend driving to the end of Hasting Street and parking in the Woods, walking from the other end of the Main Beach. Enjoy the view at Noosa spit and walk along the beach, walking down the jetties watching surfers catching the waves.

If it's a windy day, you will also see some kitesurfers and you can hide from the wind behind the jetty.




Tea Tree Bay is one of the major Noosa surf spots. There is a little bit of a walk through Noosa National Park, where you can spot some sleepy koalas if you are lucky.

It is a cozy sandy beach, which is normally less crowded that the Main Beach.




It is a long wide beach with lots of free-running dogs and some great waves for surfing depending on the weather. I love the uphill hiking walk with the breathtaking views in North Sunshine Beach. This walk can take you to a little secret beach, which is not easy to reach, but it definitely worths the hike (if you do not have any limitations with your mobility). Make sure to put some comfy shoes on and to take enough drinking water and some snacks with you.



This place is a paradise on Earth, it is normally not crowded as it is kind of remote and well-hidden. It is a great spot for snorkelling, spearfishing, swimming and taking photos.


It is a part of Sunshine Beach mentioned above. This beach has long stairs down and a tropical shower and a few parking spots on the top of the stars

There are no free-running dogs on this part of Sunshine Beach.


It's a great spot for a family with kids as there is a shallow water creek that is way safer for the kids than the wavy ocean.

You can see exciting skydiving landing on this beach, which is a great entertainment event if you are just watching and not jumping from the aeroplane yourself.



Noosa Beaches


Alexandria beach is probably the least crowded beach at Noosa National Park. You will need to cross the park through the hicking tracks to get here.

This beach has been a nude beach for years, however not anymore.

Surfers find some waves here depending on the weather, however, majority of people stay on the other side at Granite, Boiling Pot and Tea Tree surf spots.


Image below: Miotromain on Insta. The rest of photos are above are taken by me. Please, contact me if you want to use any of these images.

What is your favourite beach in Noosa?

What would you add to this list?


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