Nymbodia River

Nymboida, NSW. Rain Forest 4 WD & River Surf.

Today’s adventure will be to the inland and you can see the wild rain forest and beautiful rivers in Nymboida National Park.

When the weather at the beach is not that good, it is raining and it is windy – go inland, the satiation might be completely different. We escaped to the deep forest for 2 days from the storm at the coast and here is our journey.

Nimbodia river area

Nymboida is a large National Park, one of the biggest rain forests in New South Wales.

There are lots of rivers around, lots of greens and trees, you can meet the wildlife if you are lucky or at least you can just friendly caws and horses along the way. The highlights of the area are the beautiful old bridges and scenic landscapes. If you are skilled and brave enough – head into the forest abandoned and wild 4wd track to challenge yourself and your vehicle. Grab one of the maps with 4wd routes around NSW and GPS. It took us a while to pass the track and it was quite fun, but really slow. At the certain moment we could not wait to get out of there lol. But the experience was amazing and we will never forget it. Here is a video about the area around, where you can also see how the 4 wheel drive track looks like.

This trip was a part of our Yuraygir adventure, when we were staying at Boorkoom camp for two week for Christmas holidays and every day we went to explore different areas around Coffs Harbor and Yuraygir National park.

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