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Hello my lovelies, hope you are feeling great and inspired, no matter if there is a spring or fall. This weekend I have started to sort out my wardrobe and I have decided that I need to find some more fresh combinations from lots of clothes that I’ve already had and and never wear. The weather is not so great , so let’s have some fun at home with your wardrobe, just don’t forget to turn some good music on!

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If you can spend a couple of hours on you day off sorting out your wardrobe, you’ll be surprised how many outfits you can create. So get creative and start mixing and matching, you will see how much fun you can have.

After you create an outfit, you can take a selfie, or hang stuff together – so you have your sets ready to go during the week or the next month, so you can save time to prepare outfits every day. Otherwise, clothes  just stay there forgotten and abandoned and you end up wearing same pairs of jeans and t-shirts every time. Sounds familiar?

I am sure many girls have the same problem of this kind. Sometimes when you are trying to create an outfit, you end up with a mess in the room, eventually jumping into the jeans and t-shit or something that you always wear. Which is boring and such a waste of time.

So I’ve created this look from my last year Asos skirt and a few month old Tshirt. Both items were worn only once. New life for your forgotten items and some new outfits for you.

how to wear midi Crop topBlack and white

Sydney style

in this look: Asos midi skirt, Wittner shoes, Target top, Mac matte lippie.


2 thoughts on “Black red and white

  1. Tamara - 12.09.2015

    Such a lovely outfit! Love that MAC LIpstick, one of my favourite!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  2. Inna - 25.09.2015

    Thank you lovely!

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