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Colors of Korea. Gamcheon Art Village.

I have been several times to Busan, but never got a chance to visit this incredible and colorful place. During my last trip to Korea, I’ve finally got a chance to check this place out. I can tell – this is something you must visit to experience the culture and to see something different to everything you have ever seen before. You can hire one of these traditional national attire (handbok) for an hour or more to feel yourself a part of a culture and for taking photos. If you are ever in Korea – plan to visit this […]

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Donut Beach Towel

Getting ready for Australian Summer 2016 with Sammydress

Winter is over in Australia and I am thinking of our future trips to new destinations and gorgeous beaches. When the sun heats up this continent a bit more, my beach bag is ready for new adventures and of cause, for styling your snaps =) Here are my updated beach bag essentials and things you will love. Donut (worry) beach towel. This towel will make your casual beach day more fun. You probably have seen those in Instagram and wonder where you can get it from. I’ve found one place, where you have to spend some time to find something good, but […]

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