Seven Great beauty products for less $

Do you like high quality cosmetics but would like to pay less? Here are beauty products in the today’s agenda. I use all kind of cosmetics, including budget and luxury brands.

I’ve discovered some great inexpensive products are completely the same or even better that a double or triple price luxury ones. So why pay more?

budget cosmetics vs lux $$$


Here are 7 beauty products to compare!

1. Mac famous lip pencil in Soar $ 30


Australis Tickled Pink $ 9.49

kylie jenner lip liner

Tonight I was sharpening my lip pencils and crayon. And I’ve discovered I’ve got 2 exactly same pencils lol. I loved both of them, especially Australis, cause the price is great. Never paid attention that the colors of both pencils are actually is pretty much the same. Mac quality of packaging is a bit better, but who cares if the price is 3 times cheaper? ) The quality of both products is good and both are long lasting, maybe Mac one is a little bit more dry. Moreover, if you use a lip pencil as a lip color, not only for the contour, Australis works better.

2.  Dior Addict in N  465 $ 50


 Baby Lips Pink Lolita $ 3.95

Dior lips

Want pretty pinky transparent lipstick that refreshes any look and moisturize your leaps? Helps to recreate that ‘no make up make up’, suitable for any situation, even at the gym or at school, or just for those days when you won’t wear colorful lipsticks and when you wand to look very natural.

Well, or you pick Dior Addict, or .. Baby lips Pink Lolita for 3.95. I love Dior and I’ve used 4 or 5 already. It is not lasting very long and finishes pretty quickly. I also love lip balms including Baby lips and recently I’ve realized they actually looks almost the same on my lips! I love Dior Addict, and I finish it every time just in 1-2 month, which is quite embarrassing.

RU- > На моих губах помады выглядят почти одинаково, оба бальзама для губ освежают образ и прекрасно увлажняют. Тюбик от Диор, конечно, выглядит погламурнее, но зато бэби липс занимает меньше места в косметичке. Еще диор очень быстро у меня заканчивается, буквально через месяц.

3. Too Faced Cocoa Powder $ 50


Body Shop  All-in-One $ 30

These products are creating ‘photoshopped effect’ with a perfectly smooth skin coverage. Pretty thick powdered foundations. Love both. Bonus from too faced – cocoa smell. But if you like no smell and cheaper – go for the Body shop and you won’t regret it. Make sure your skin is moisturized well before apply.

RU -> пудра с очень плотным покрытием, придает эффект Фотошопа, как бы заблёривая все недостатки, выравнивая цвет лица. Два идентичных продукта, приобретая Too faced, бонусом вы получите кокосовый аромат. Боди шоп не имеет отдушек, упаковка мне нравится даже больше.

powder foundation blurry effect

4. Real techniques make up sponge $ 16.99


Chi Chi make up blending sponge $ 5

edgy beauty blender

Very similar products. Make up and foundation solution. Which one would you prefer?

5. Clinique All about eyes depuffing serum $ 52


Nude Bright Eyes $ 19.95

eyes puffs

Too much time in front of the screens? Not enough sleep? Need a fresh look? The solution is a gentle massage caffeine rollers gel. Various brands are producing this kinds of products, but I’ve currently got 2.

And surprise surprise!

Nude one does it better and result is more obvious, it is really reducing dark circles and puffiness. Even my boyfriend likes it even though he is never using any cosmetic products except of body creams and lip balms.

It also hydrates your skin and can be applied under or over make up.  My must travel must have.

6. Shu Uemura cleansing oil 35$  (150 ml)


Body shop Cleansing oil  $ 22.95 (200ml)

Cleansing oil comparison

Cleansing oils perfectly remove make up and any impurities. I was skeptical to these kind of product until I tried. I personally like cosmetic and natural oils and in general. But this is not just an oil. It even feels differently from when you just put oil to your face (I actually got this perception before I’ve started using it). It is pretty liquid and when applying it is generating a light foam.  Cleansing oil provide great result, slowing and radiant skin.

Now let’s get back to the two heroes of today’s post.

Shu Uemura is an absolute hit and so many many people talk about it and wish to get it. Now it is actually trough that this product is really good. But it is not the only one good. There are also some more including Body Shop Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil that delivers same value for less money paid. It is based on natural oils and herbs extract, but is not oily.

7. Mac Select Moisture Concealer $ 34


Age rewind Maybelline Age Rewind concealer $ 18


A little bit different consistency products but both work same for me.  Both removing dark circles under eyes and both easy to apply.  Both invisible if you do not use too much of products and find your right color.

Main differences – Mac a little bit more moisturizing and there are different sponges. Mac select – small sponge and Maybelline – larger round shaped sponge. I actually prefer the Maybelline sponge. Give my love to both. Now it is your on your obvious and fair choice if you are concerned about the price.

Thank you for scrolling till the end! Hope you enjoyed!

Do you have any other great budget analogues to expensive cosmetics?

Share in the comments bellow.

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