Pink Lake Australia

Ceduna, Cactus Beach and Penong

We discovered Ceduna on our way crossing Australia. I have never heard of this place before and would not probably even think to go there, but I am happy we found this area and I am excited to share these photos with you.

We stopped in Ceduna during our road trip from Sydney to Perth. We decided to extend our stay and to see the legendary surf spot Cactus.

This place looks like another planet and fortunately, it is hidden from crowds of tourists. It is a peaceful and brilliant spot with many things to see.

Surprisingly, we've found here salt plantations, pink lake, many blue tongs lizards and that landscape, unlike everything else you've ever seen before.

Places to see in South Australia

Cactus beach

Pink Lake South Australia

Point Sinclar JettyPlaces to see around Ceduna

There are a few accommodations to choose from in Ceduna, we have chosen A1 Cabins because it is pet-friendly and we've travelled with pets. 

Drive from Ceduna to Penong takes about an hour, depending on the vehicle you drive. There is a gravel road and ideally, you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  There is no traffic, but you will need to do a quick stop at the quarantine checkpoint. If you just going in and out of Ceduna, you do not need to inspect your vehicle and belonging. Fruits and vegetables are prohibited to carry through this checkpoint and you will need to dispose it. This quarantine point looks less harsh in comparison to the Western Australia one.

When we have visited cactus, Valentino was looking forward to having some surf, however, Poseidon sent some stormy waves and local campers and Val had to stay out of the water. So we enjoyed the views and took some photos and then went to see Port Le Hunte/ Point Sinclair jetty (photos above).

What to do in Ceduna. Quick guide.

- Get some oysters and beers on top of the Oyster Bar with an ocean view. It is a small business with a friendly owner, selling delicious fresh oysters and a some cured fish - must try!

- Go to Penong and see the windmills,  salt plantations, pink lake and the legendary Cactus beach. Beware of snakes and lizards bites.

- Walk till the end of the long jetty in front of the Foreshore hotel on a sunset.

- Enjoy the buffet dinner at the Foreshore hotel buffet. They have a fresh and top quality seafood, try their muscles and any kind of seafood that looks good to you. This place is a seafood heaven. You will get a complimentary salad and veggie bar with any dish you purchase.

(Sunday night 3-course menu $25, large choice of seafood and meat dishes, desserts. Oysters here are more expensive than at the Oyster bar, but it is open till late, while the Oyster bar is already closed. The menu overall is very fairly priced)

Oyster Bar:

Ceduna Guide

What to do Ceduna

Foreshore Hotel Buffet

Ceduna Jetty

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