UMBRIA Fairytails Hunting & Awakening at the Antique Palace

Many places in Umbria look just like fairy tail you have imagined reading or listening to the stories when you were little. Views there and ambience remind Andersen’s poetic fairy tails.

Magnificent landscapes and mellow sunsets over the old town terracotta rooftops make a surrealistic impression and take you back to the past centuries.

You can start to explore Perugia from Roca Medievale, where soaring swallows will escort your walk, visit Lake Trasimeno and its pretty quay. Do some souvenir shopping and make sure to have some gelato (my flavour choice here is ‘Melone’) and drink a chill and fresh ‘Shakerato’ coffee (espresso&ice shake).


We have visited our local friend from Perugia and here is where he took us!


Best view in Perugia

Umbria what to do

The best place to stay in Perugia

Waking up watching a breathtaking panoramic view from your balcony at the antique hotel – is an awesome idea, choose Brufani Palace Hotel at the top of the hill.
The hotel is located in the heart of the old town, where you can see the historical centre and find great restaurants, cool bars, and contemporary fashion shops.

Brufani Palace is an old hotel with a reach of historical heritage. The building is retouched and refined for the best luxury experience.  You will see lots of antique furniture, chandeliers, statues and other items.

You can even watch the architecture sites under the clear glass bottom of the swimming pool in the spa room! Isn’t it cool? A very particular, more than 5 stars experience. It is something you will remember for the rest of your life.


Best things to see in Umbria

Brufani Hotel reviews

Best places in Umbria

Best Hotel in Perugia

Brufani Hotel review-2


Umbria what to see

Places to visit:

Our local friend showed a local secret to us. He is a high-class Italian chef and his choice is a highly trusted one.

He took us to this hidden gem – an organic restaurant on top of the hill with a spectacular view – Agriturismo Il Melograno. Address: Strada Colle Palazzone 4, Pianello, Umbria. In this restaurant, all the ingredients and the products are home-grown on their local farm. They also have here rooms to stay. It is very cozy, a little remote, but a super nice place with a kind and pleasant service. Highly recommended. Bookings essential. See the Website.

Umbria organic places to eat deserts

Beautiful Wild Roses bush


Best restaurants in Umbria

Umbria nice places to eat

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6 thoughts on “UMBRIA Fairytails Hunting & Awakening at the Antique Palace

  1. Dee - 19.08.2016

    Wow, what a beautiful place! Everything looks so magical, especially drooling over those desserts!!


  2. Ileana - 20.08.2016

    How beautiful! Everything really looks out of a fairytale! And that pool is so amazing.. :D


    Novelstyle Blog

  3. Jalisa - 24.08.2016

    Wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous, girl! I’ve never been here before, so I greatly appreciate your tips on where to stay and these photos are convincing enough! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  4. Sybil - 26.08.2016

    beautiful images!!

    thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Namrata Sehgal - 11.09.2016

    wow! this is awesome! When is the best time to visit this?

  6. Inna - 13.09.2016

    Hi, thanks for stopping by ;)
    I would say May and June – it is not too hot and not too crowded.

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