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Top 10 Android photo editing apps for 2019

A comprehensive guide to the mobile photo editing.

These apps are also available in the Apple Store for the iPhone.

Hi everyone!

2019 is almost here and I have put together the best apps for you that you need to have in the upcoming year to stay in trend and to have your visual game on point.

Many of these are also available in the Apple store, however, I will focus on Android here today.

This post is about editing the still images and I also would love to share another post with you about animated and motion images if you like?

Comment below if you would love to know how to animate your photos.

These are the Apps every Blogger or Social Media Manager or any Instagrammer have to know about.

This information will be useful to you if you want to improve your phone photography, your personal or business Instagram account quality, which can allow you to facilitate your growth.

These are the apps I use to edit the majority of my photos that I shoot with my Android phone.

The photos I create with my phone I mostly use for social media, work, and my personal Instagram account.

For visual and creative people who want their photos to look nice.

So how do the big Instagrammers edit their photos?


Download Snapseed for Android here.

This app is gold. Snapseed can do almost everything you need. The app has been initially developed for Android and they often add new features to Android first (yay!).

If you are looking for the app to cut or rotate the photo, to make it brighter, sharper, more colourful, brighten or desaturate selected area on the photo and more.

The developers are constantly working on this app improvements and you can see that this has numerous features for photo editing.

Standard adjustments you can try to improve any photo will be: slightly increase brightness, increase shadows, increase ambience, add a bit of sharpness. You can instantly see how your image has instantly improved. The key word here is 'slightly' over editing will only make your photo look worse in most of the cases, however, every creator does have a different style.

You can also easily add text to the photo, where you can adjust the opacity, choose cool fonts etc.

Before you had to edit a photo in a few different apps, not you can do all at once, it is super convenient. Snapseed is just making life so much easier!

Here is a rough example of what you can do with your image on SnapSeed photo editing app:

how to edit photo on Android

Her I straightened the horizon and pulled up the shadow, brightness, and ambience, which made the photo look naturally brighter.

Play around also with the 'Selective' tool in order to brighten or darken particular areas or colours on your image.

Now there is still a few things you can not do with SnapSeed. If you are into photography or professional Instagramming, you probably try your best to edit your photos and sometimes you might see that colours do not appear as you want.

For example, the photo is too yellow or not pink enough, or you would like to desaturate a green colour. Here is where you will need the next app:


Every photographer knows Lightroom...  on their PC. If you aim to edit photo professionally on your phone, Lightroom mobile app can help you to do so. The features, of course, are more limited than on a PC software, but you do not really need all that editing on your phone. Sometimes you only need to do a quick colour correction, e.g. to give your photo that stylish bright look.

Here I'd like to mention, that you would not be a professional photographer using your phone camera and a 'professional' software on your phone. If you are after the high quality - you will have to learn Adobe Lightroom anyway or, perhaps call a professional photographer.

The coolest feature of this app is colour correction. You can also add grains, sharpness and details, vignette and other effects.

how to take beautiful photos with Android phone

how to improve your Android photography skills

So here I adjusted the lights and then in the colour adjustment, I pulled the luminance of yellow and orange up, which made these particular tones brighter.

  1. First of all, I would recommend adjusting exposure and shadows, then moving on to the colour.
  2. If you need to desaturate yellow or green, or any other unwanted colour on the photo - pull the saturation down and you can also drag the luminance up to make that colour area brighter and whiter.
  3. If you want to make your skin darker, you can to pull the luminance of the orange shades down.

desaturate yellow color android

Professional photo editing app Google play

how to use Lightroom for Android

Here is my full video tutorial on how to edit your photos with Lightroom App. 


VSCO is one of the not that many apps you can use to open and edit RAW photos if you have those on your mobile device. If you are struggling to edit RAW images that you have saved from your camera to your phone, just open it with VSCO first and then import further :)

VSCO is the app that every intermediate Instagrammer knows for its numerous filters. If you still want to use a filter for your Instagram gallery - try to stick to one-two similar ones. Make sure to reduce filter opacity, so the photo looks more natural.

They have also added a new colour correction feature (similar to Lightroom) in the latest premium version. I love all their video filters and colour correction, it is the best app to correct the colours so far.

Here is the link to this app in Google Play.

best photo editors Android

For the old magazine looking effect add some grains on the editing panel.


Facetune is good for sharpening or smoothen some details on the photo, which is good in particular on food shots or when you need to add that character in your eyes and smoothen the skin.

Ensure to touch the screen when editing only slightly and do not change the entire image from what it was in the beginning, keep it real! :)

It is very easy to overedit the image, right?

This app is popular amongst bloggers for its whitening and shaping features. Here you can whiten the yellowish undertones or entirely bleach some colours on the image. You can also use Snapsee 'Selective' tool as an alternative.

You can also use it to sharpen small details, for example, eyes, sunglasses, food on the plates, clothes details and so on.

Try using colour picking tool, for example, to add more blue tones to the eyes (if they are not blue enough on the photo due to the lighting), add some lip colour or to even out the face tone where you have different colours, reds or shadows. Simply pick the desired (brighter tone and then gently apply it to the areas that you would like to correct, use eraser tool if you need to make any adjustments).

how to whiten the photo Android

whiten background on Android photo


Similar to Facetune, with a cool feature to add bokeh on a background.

Go to tools -> Bokeh. You can erase some extra bokeh using the eraser tool (e.g. I have some excessive bokeh on the leg here).


This fun app can help you mixing different photos, adding another photo layer on top of your image. The good thing about it is that you can erase some parts and to create a cool image.

Here is the link.

How to change sky color phone app

add pink sky on the photo app

Snapseed also has a similar function as Double Exposure. You will need to open the 'Go back menu' and choose the step to adjust your last edits after you applied one image on top of another one.

Another cool feature in the Pixart App is to replace a particular colour on your image. After you've applied the effect, you can use the 'erase' tool to remove the colour changes from the unwanted areas.

On the photos below: Replace colour tool is used on the jacket to fit the image into the overall feed look. I have also added some additional shine (in the 'Brush' tool) in Pixart here (here I used Lightroom to adjust colours and lights before, have a look also at the area on the right - I made it darker with the Snapseed 'Selective' tool.

In order to replace the colour on the image - go to:

Effects  -> Color replace. Then choose a sample of the colour on your image and drag the colour indicator to the left or right and watch the magic happens!



Here you have multiple lens flares and sun rays to add on your image to make it more interesting.

You can also add snow, rain and fog.


This app allows you to Crop a panorama (horizontal image into two proportionally even images). This looks pretty cool when you post a cropped panorama in one gallery style swipable post on Instagram.

I would love to hearing back from you!

What are your favourite apps for photo editing?

Would you like to read about stories or video editing here?

Here is my very old post on photo editing apps - some people still find it useful :)

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