Places to see close to Noosa


Pomona, Queensland

Exploring Queensland.

I have recently moved to our favourite area in Australia - Noosa in Queensland, Sunshine State.

We love exploring what's around here and we have recently found a little quirky village called Pomona, which I would recommend you to visit if you are around Noosa.

Pomona is located within about 20 minutes driving from Noosa, there is plenty of parking, so you can easily drive there.

It is a nice place to have a little stroll around, have a brekky or lunch, go to a silent Cinema, visit a museum and to have a nice walk around the spacious and green park.

Many people come here for biking, mountain biking or walking with their dogs.

Ensure to come into a local News Agency to grab some souvenirs and to see a Gorgeous Big Black Cat at the Counter (they say he says is present there pretty much all the time).

We have visited Pomona twice - the first time for having a stroll around and see what's there and the second time to climb Mount Cooroora. Ideally, it is better to come early in the morning, while it is not that hot.


What to see around Noosa

Visit Museum at the Old Train Carriage

Museum at the old train carriage Noosa Pomona
Museums around Noosa

Have a Breakfast or lunch

Visit Local News Agency

Places to see close to Noosa
Mount Cooroora

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