Port McQuarie Surf Trip & Beach Drive


Port McQuire is a beautiful place for surfing. It takes around 5 hours driving from Sydney to the North. We have stopped in New Castle for overnight and surf and then went on to further, stopping at the other beaches searching for the waves.

Surf Beach at  Port McQuarie and 4XW 13 kilometres beach drive. What we did and what we saw. Check the adventure!

Beach drive car

beach drive australia

So many dolphins were on our way – it’s amazing! driving on the beach breathing salty air and watching bunch dolphins jumping.

Beach drive map


The most beautiful place that we have founf there

– Bumerang Beach

Famous for great surfing and fishing.

Boomerang Beach

bumerang beach 2 900x675@1x

Bumerang beach 3 900x675@1x

Bumerang beach 4 900x378@1x

Bumerang beach1 900x675@1x

Flynns on surf beach villa@1x



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