Rain coats season is on!

Autumn is arriving and I’ve sorted out the new outfit for the rainy season. When the sun comes out I still want to keep this coat on :)

The colour is fresh and it looks very girly and pretty.  Lots of people prefer wearing black during the rain, which is kind of sad. Let’s add more bright colours to this Autumn and remember that somewhere else is spring and summer :)

Cool pink Raincoat

Sydney Fashion Blog

This raincoat is designed by Be Free brand. I’ve discovered it while I was shopping in Russia.  Shopping over there is quite a good deal now, as far as the local currency is low in comparison to other currencies.  Shopping in Russia you can see lots of Europeans and Asian customers around department store buying stuff, cause it is currently cheaper than anywhere else :)

That is another reason why I love travelling – because you find great items, different from those that your local stores offer. For example, when there was no H&M in Australia, having some items from this brand here was cool. Now when they have recently finally opened it, everyone is able to buy stuff from H&M and there is nothing so unusual anymore.

Sydney Style Blog

This week it is raining in Sydney a lot and the temperature is dropping slowly but surely. In one day you can experience sunshine is changing by the rain about 5 to 10 times. I believe that wearing something pretty would boost your mood and the ambience. Sydney style

Raincoats style

Fashion Raincoats

Sydney Parks

Last couple of seasons I was wearing a blue shiny raincoat, however, nothing is forever, so I’ve changed it to this cute powdery- peachy pink one with the similar texture, but a little bit different shape.

Photos by Valentino from Operaphoto. 

In this outfit:

Rain Coat – Be Free (sold out, sorry!)

I found Similar coats for you on Asos:





https://goo.gl/xD7Th4 (white)


Pants by Uniqlo

Top by Lessisamore

2 thoughts on “Rain coats season is on!

  1. Izzy McLeod - 13.09.2016

    Very cute look <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Daniel - 17.06.2017

    Do you want to sell your raincoat to me? :)

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