Outfit idea for a rainy day. Piece of art umbrella.


It is raining too much last period in Sydney, so I would like to show another rainy outfit today and my beautiful starry night umbrella that I’be got from a  shop by the Art’s Museum Destination: South Korea..

зонт ван гог

This is an example of what to wear in Australia when it is Autumn here (I ware this outfit approx May-June). Leather and leather-looking fabriques are water proof, so it is comfortable to wear this kind of things in order to stay dry and cool !

umbrellavan gog umbrella3Van Gog umbrella Van Gog 2

In this look:  Bershka leather jacket,  H&M sneakers,  Top Ten leather skirt with studs,  Umbrella from here http://myusan.com/ ( it’s in Korean, but you  can see the gallery of umbrellas and stuff if you scroll down the website). This sneakers-boots are very good for wet weather. Quite happy that I’ve got them.

Recently I’ve actually found that someone took a snapshot of me and my umbrella in central station in Sydney and posted online. I’ve found it on weheartit.

Black sneakers with chains

Pics by Operaphoto  


More outfits – what I wore in Sydney and not only. 

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