Rottnest Island Video Diary

After being to a few Islands in Australia, we have finally made it to Rottnest to meet Quokkas.

For now Rottnest is my favorite island, and definitely, a must visit. It does not require any 4 wheel drive skills and equipment, like Frazer Island and it is still wilder than Stradbroke, beating the last one with the most incredible watercolor.

We took a Ferry from Shed B in Fremantle on Tuesday, 17th of November. Tuesday Ferry costs half price ($60 return) from the regular one and plus the transport company provides a complimentary bike for you. The Ferry from Fremantle to Rottnest takes about 25 minutes.

There are no vehicles allowed on the island, even though there is a bitumen road in contrast to Fraser Island with only sand dunes.

My favorite spots on Rottnest:

  1. Salmon Bay.
  2. Green Island (there is a little island in front of the beach. There are also showers and bathrooms).
  3. Rocky Bay – less crowded, but more remote. The way is full of Cray fish! Make sure to get something to measure them and to ensure they are big enough to take them out).

Rottnest Island Travel Tips

  • A couple of tips for riding a bike on Rotto from me would be: making sure to apply and reapply sunscreen, especially on your hands, neck, knees, shoulder, and face of course. Nearly everyone in the ferry on the way back was burned and red skinned. I have only missed the back of my hands, apart of that I was fine.
  • Take a bottle Powerade or any other isotonic drink – it will help you to stay energised and hydrated.
  • Bring a light shirt to cover your shoulder and back to save yourself from overexposure to the sun.
  • Do not bring to much stuff! You will need to carry it with you by bike and usually, there is no basket.
  • Bring a small rope to tighten your bag to the basket.
  • Sun umbrella is not a good idea, as far as usually, it is very windy. We broke our umbrella.
  • Bring snacks/ sandwiches; there are not many places to get food.
  • Make sure to make yourself familiar with bike gear (speed switcher). I have not used it for many years, so I’ve forgotten how does it work lol. But fortunately, I have remembered after 15 minutes driving with the same speed. If you do not use bicycle much, learn a little bit when and how do you change your speed.
  • There are lots of downhill and uphill. Usually, any downhill is followed by an uphill – so it is better to get some speed and do not stop on your way down, because you will need that speed for going up straight away.
  • Cool spots are Salmon Bay and Rocky Bay.
  • Learn about fishing regulations to know what is allowed to catch in case if you are going to fish.
  • Do not ride a bike? Do not worry – there is a bus.

What would be your tips?


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