Sperlonga, Italy

Today I will take you to Sperlonga - a white stone town on a top of a cliff. Sperlonga is about one and a half - two hours driving From Rome, so if you think of where to escape from a busy city - this is a brilliant place to visit. We landed in Rome and did not really want to stay there, so we left to explore gorgeous coastal areas and remote towns of Lattina province.

If you are planning a trip to Rome - make sure you have time to travel around. Visit Sperlonga to see a unique village on the top of the cliff with a spectacular view to turquoise waters and a mysterious cave.



Watch the video for more ideas of where do you have to drive away from Rome ;)

Photos by Pino Usicco.

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Trip to Sperlonga

3 thoughts on “Sperlonga, Italy

  1. Gabrielle - 06.11.2016

    Ohh, I really wish I had known about Sperlonga when I was in Rome last year – I definitely would’ve made the time to make the 2 hour journey there! The white streets look amazing, and it seems beautifully quiet there :)


  2. Valerie - 10.11.2016

    Oh wow, this place is beautiful! I love the photos!


  3. the adventurer - 14.11.2016

    What a perfect place to escape to by the sea =o) Looks like you had a lovely time and enjoyed the sun!


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