Sushi E. Your Life Changing Sushi Sxperience

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Let’s talk about sushi today and about an experience that will eclipse everything you tried before!

I love sushi, and love going to different places to have Japanese food. This experience was different to anything else I have had before, and I can’t wait to share my review with you!

We came to Sushi E on my last day in Sydney before I had to fly to Perth. It was a date night. Pretty impressive date night I would say.

Our reservation was a little bit delayed, and we were waiting and sipping Aperol at the maintime at Hemmesphere bar.

I can not forget food experience we have had at Sushi E. The chef is making magic right in front of you (if you reserved bar seating) and it keeps you entertained and excited for your meal.

My partner was hungry, and I was excited to try lots of sushi! We asked the chef to feed us well.

Kingfish sashimi was excellent. I have just been to another sushi place for lunch and had Kingfish sashimi as well. Well, nothing compares to Sushi E kingfish sashimi for sure. If you like kingfish – definitely try it at Sushi E and let me know what do you think.Sushi E best dishes_

We started with snapper sashimi, following by Scallop Sashimi and OMG it was unbelievable – melting-in-the-mouth buttery scallop with a vivid flavor and fantastic texture -it was everything. After that I would forget anything I tried before and after. However, we had more surprises after that.

Now was the turn of the vague beef Sushi. Rich beef flavour on rice was amazing. By that time I was already full, but could not stop eating – the food was too good! I have had a couple of bites with vague.

I love small dumplings and they were just the right size for me. Tasty bites in a thin pasta and it did not feel heavy as after some other dumplings.

We also enjoyed soft shell crab lettuce cup – an awesome mix of flavors and fresh, juicy and crunchy textures.

Scallop sashimi was my favorite – definitely, try it when you are there!

I will certainly come back to try the rest of the menu :) Thanks to Merivale group for making this experience possible and thanks for my love Valentino for organising this surprise date for me <3 Can not wait to go back to try more and to make more photos, videos of this awesome experience.

Photos: Above – Soft Shell Crab in a lettuce; Below – Dumplings and Scallops Sashimi.


Sushi E review

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