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Apps for Android for Photo editing like a pro

Top 10 Android photo editing apps for 2019 A comprehensive guide to the mobile photo editing. These apps are also available in the Apple Store for the iPhone. Hi everyone! 2019 is almost here and I have put together the best apps for you that you need to have in the upcoming year to stay in trend and to have your visual game on point. Many of these are also available in the Apple store, however, I will focus on Android here today. This post is about editing the still images and I also would love to share another […]

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18 Photo editing apps for your smartphone. Vol. 1

NEW 2019 GUIDE LIVES HERE Howdy, this is an old, but a comprehensive post about various applications for your mobile device to get creative and edit your images. Some of these apps might be already outdated, so please, see my newest Geek posts for latest posts and updates. Picture editors applications for iPhone and Android. Here are the secrets on how to make your pictures more attractive, to improve your Instagram gallery quick and easy. Here are 18 cool effects and editors. Приложения iphone и Android для редактирования фото. Как разнообразить ваше инстаграм портфолио и улучшить обычные фото? Какие […]

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