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Hair masks review and comparison. Do popular products really work?

I am a such a hair masks person, I have my bathroom shelf full of hair treatments and masks. I always try something new to find a perfect remedy for my hair. Here is all about the last products that I have used or still using – reviews, suggestions and fair personal opinion. I  have weak, thing hair with dry and damaged ends. I am fighting with it for many years and I feel like a professional in a hair masks and treatments. If you are looking for a good hair treatment and comparing different products, looking to try […]

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Devices, tools and products for Longer& Healthier Hair

About Hair first aid and serious rehab. What do the professional trichologists use for treat their patients with thin and weak hair? How to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth? Cosmetic and beauty products, tools for beautiful hair. Things that I’ve tried, made my experiments with. Things that really work. Not only cosmetic products, but also the serious tools, used by hair clinics. I can not believe this is how my hair look like after kertain treatment.        

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