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As far as one of my favorite topics are traveling and cosmetics, I would like to share with you my travel beauty essentials. Depending on a kind of a trip and a distance, I pack different items with me. I usually pack 2 make up bags, one goes to my hand carry and another one – to the luggage. Here are my essential list and some tips for you.

So to be beautiful during a trip? Traveling is usually challenging for our skin, our health and overall look. Here are some beauty tips and handy products to look fabulous and fresh during a trip.


What normally goes to my hand carry for the long distance flights.

Travel Essentials

1.  Avene Thermal Water.

Your skin suffers from dehydration while we are traveling, especially during the flights. Thermal water spray is moisturizing and refreshing your skin. It also helps you to get awake when you need it.

2. Body shop Tea Tree Blemish gel.

This is a spots and blemish control antiseptic gel. Your skin is more likely to get breakages and blemishes during the flights and stopovers. If I see anything is going to appear on my skin, I use this on-the-spot product straight away, so it cures the small inflammation immediately and helps to treat any pimples fast.

3. Eye Make Up Corrector and remover by Hollywood Fashion Secrets.


Magic cotton buds in a small packaging, which contains make up remover lotion. Just snap it to activate the lotion, so you can fix your make up quickly. Very handy product. So you do not need to carry the entire make up remover with you. It is already inside your magic cotton sticks.

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4. Dry Shampoo by Klorane.

Dry Shampoo in a travel size packaging is a must have product for a long distance travel. It refreshes your hair look and boosts volume. My current favorite dry shampo is by Klorane.

5. Eye Brightening  roller. Nude By Nature.

Brightens and tightens your delicate under eye skin. It works 100% and helps you to look awake and not that tired. (The difference between those I’ve described in my previous post about 7 great budget analogs to more expensive ones).

6.  Lip balm.

I usually take a few with me. The essential of all essentials is Nivea ‘Essential Care’ in a Blue packaging. It is richest lip balm ever.

I prefer this one to any other cool and expensive, popular and not lip balms. I used millions lip balms and this one is simply the best.  I also take a tinted balm when I feel like my face looks pale and is craving for some more colors, but not make up. Tinted lip balms from Maybelline ‘Baby Lips’ appears very natural and helps to refresh the look. Alternatively, Strawberry kiss from Nivea gives a natural shine and transparent tint to your lips and it does not look like you have a lipstick.

7. Hair Moisturizer. Percy & Reed Smooth Sealed and sensational No Oil Oil.

Remember, not only your skin, but your hair dries out a lot during the flight. As a result, it becomes dry and messy. I like to moisture my hair with lightweight products.This product is an analog to the hair oils that does not actually consist any oils. It repairs and conditions dry and weak hair. Light weight products that does not feel greezy.

8. Wet tissues or baby wipes.

It is handy to take some baby wipes with you, this is multi use product. You can use it for the face, for your hands and any other parts of your body. When you need to give it a quick rough but refreshing clean.

9. Missha Spider Lash Mascara. 

If I do not do eyelash extensions for travel, I take this babe with me. For a couple of years I purchase various mascaras, but this one I always keep as a basic one and the most comfortable to wear and to remove. It never leaves any dark circles and panda eyes. It is super easy to remove it – just using some water. For my trips I definitely prefer this one, and I have not found any better options yet. I reviewed it a while ago here (in my best mascaras review post), and since that time I still keep using it. Cruelty free.

10. Blush.


Something that you do not really need to take for a beach travel, cause Sun kiss a is the best blush. But any other travel I definitely need it, especially after a flight you always look pale. Blush solves this problem and makes you look rested.


11.  Multi Purpose use moisturizing cream.

You can use as a hands cream, body cream, feet cream or whatever-you-need-to-moisturize cream. Skin gets dry very quickly, and sometimes I keep moisturizing my arms every hour or so, especially in the air plain.


12. Powder Foundation.

I do not take normally any liquid foundation, as far as powder foundation is easier to carry and to use. My favorite at this time is Chanel Le Blanc. This kind of product is very handy, cause you can use the mirror, you can fix your skin tone and cover any rednesses. Moreover, this product does not dry out the skin.

Next part of my travel essentials goes to the luggage.


Travel Essentials 2

1. Almay Make up removing pads.

Great product for removing make up and clean your skin. Just take this one and you do not need to carry a bottle of toner.


2. Moisturizing  Masks Sheets.

I always use those after the flights in the hotel room, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I love Raspberry masks from Missha, Honey from Etude house and Aloe masks from Missha and It’s Skin and Nature Republic.



A superior moisturizer, which is blended of natural oils. Often while you are traveling, you need something more effective than just a cream. This kind of product is multi-purpose and super moisturizing. It helps relieve sunburns and skin damages and even fight stretch marks. I also use it for any rednesses on my skin, to give a moisture boost to my body, face, hands, elbows, neck, feet and whatever I feel cream is not enough for.

4. Some basic make up products.

 Just very basics and only a few things: normally 1 or 2 Body Shop eyeshadows bronz-ish or golden, a couple of lipsticks and liquid eyeliner in brown (or Taupe). I always take with me my Nature Republic lipsticks, they are so long-lasting, which is very handy.

Coming soon: (Also see the post how to recover my skin after long trip).

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