Trends that have to go vs trends have to stay!

Sydney based blogger about trendsSome of these trends are not very new, however still very popular. Ladies, who are trying to be trendy are wearing everything what is ‘cool’ now. Cool – that’s what talented fashion brand’s marketers and some celebrities teach us that it is cool. So you have this cool feeling that you are in trend. Nevertheless, some people are really stylish without wearing chunky sandals, Birkenstock orthopedic shoes, army clothes and baggy sweaters and coats. Fashion in many trends is loosing femininity. I still love to be a woman, so some trends are just not for me. You may like it or you may not – this is my list of cool trends that I hate and that I love  ♡ 

Which trends deserve to stay and which deserve to go forever?

– 1 –

Even if it is super fashionable, trendy, cool, comfortable etc –

No Way I would buy these:

worst trend

 *** *** ***

– 2 –

Cut out.

Cut outs are everywhere – on the dresses, crop tops, even shoes,  underwear and bikinis. I love cuts out in general, it looks hot and still unusual. I personally think that you need to balance it with some or high neck or long / midi skirt with some parts of your skin covered. So the look will appears elegant and stylish.

cuts out on the fashion items

 *** *** ***

– 3 –

   Transparency   ♡ 

Gorgeous transparent dresses

 *** *** ***

– 4 –


I still believe that some girls really look sexy and cool in this kind of pants – but it is very individual. However, it does not mean, that if it is a trend and if it is cool, you definitely have to buy it and wear it no matter what. That is actually what happens in general and the result a mess. Every woman still has to have her individual style and vision, do we, women? Only a few centimeters or difference in body  proportions, either in your height, hips or waist,  either just the pants length can make you look ugly in those. Normally if they are too short, to wide for you – it will not look nice.

french connection

 *** *** ***

– 5 –

Over-sized, wide waist items.

 With the popularity of the trend, I see that some of us are  struggling to find some nice shaped jumpers, knits and coats. For me personally it is very annoying when you go to the shop and everything does not have any shape except a garbage bag shape. No waste, just very wide  waist size for kind of pregnant women ? And this is actually lasts for a few seasons already.

oversized trend

 *** *** ***

– 6 –


Trend is successfully moving from last year to the present.

Are Fringes still trendy?

 *** *** ***

– 7 –

Army print.

This trend is not new, moreover, it’s not cool, it’s not beautiful, it is not feminine and it’s not even a trend anymore. But lots of people still love to wear it and lots of brands are still making this patterns. That is something that I would not wear, would you?

Is military still in trend?

See it on Valentino website 

 *** *** ***

– 8-

Chunky shoes.

just not.

salvatore-ferragamo chunky shoes

 *** *** ***

– 9 –

 Lace up shoes ♡ 

This is actually a trend from 2013, but it became hot in Australia in 2015. Designers still working with this trend and creating new beautiful hills in 2015. Now it is trending with gladiator style sandals. Here is the post from WhoWhatWear from 2013, where they are featuring the styles that Australian brands copied last Summer. I do not mind, I still love this trend and thing those are the hottest shoes.

laced hills board

On the right – Gianvito Rossi Same style as on the left – Winsdor Smith

And what do you think?

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  1. Carly - 25.06.2015

    Definitely not a fan of the over sized items either
    Dresses & Denim

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