About Triangl. Review.

Instagram – famous Australian Neoprene bikini Triangl. This is a review on ‘Triangle’ models and shape.
Triangl bikini review

I was curious about this brand as many other girls. This brand turned up extremely popular and they built the entire Empire in Social Media.

I like how does it looks like, so I’ve ordered one set and than another one, cause I love bikinis in general and cause I loved ones that I’ve received. The first set I’ve ordered was medium size Top and a Small size bottom, because that was my actual size.

The second set  I have decided to get  in different sizes – the Small Top and XS bottom. So you might need to consider ordering the smaller one.

I founded, that XS fits better on small and the top S size looks better if you are size 2-3 (B-C cup) .

*This is the unpaid review and my personal opinion. 

A of this swim apparel – it looks good, fits quite good, the top looks great.triangl review

Drawbacks: I can not say the bottom looks great. I think if the shape of bikini would be a bit different and slightly tinier on the back – I guess it would be better for me. My Triangl bottom XS feels a bit too small and S a bit too big. Due to the neopren features I guess, it kinda flattens your curves. However, their newest line ‘cheeky’ might look better, because the cut is slimmer.

Due to it’s characteristics you can only handwash. Also need to avoid staying too long on the sun or leave it on the sun – otherwise the color fades and the material might be damaged. Actually the same might happened with almost to all swim apparel , however you need to consider this one is more delicate.

Moreover, I  feel really too hot and sweating in it on the beach. I mean more sweating than if you would wear any other bikinis.

Triangl view from the back triangl bikini from the back

You also need to be extremely careful storing this things, if I just throw it to the bag with other stuff and go around with it –  it’s loosing the shape. Moreover, if you fold it occasionally, there will be appear the  fold, which can stay there forever..

Next – you ll need to be extremely careful with sunscreen on a bright colors. I use cream or spray for the sun protection and it leaves a really visible spots on your beautiful color.

So, it is actually all written on the tag and when you order it – and it is what is happening to it. Think twice, if you are ready to pay around 100$ and be super careful with it, do not fold, and keep it flat. Be careful with the sunscreen – it leaves stains on bright colors.

How to buy it? Simply visit http://triangl.com/ , make a choice and make an online purchase. They will add the shipping price, which within Australia costs around 18$ on top of your purchase. 

neoprene bikini orange neoprene bikini

Triangl bikini reviews


I see it on the other girls – the top is kinda sliding down and looks not really appropriate (you can see it on the bottom. That is why you need to tighten the strips better and make sure it looks ok every time. The bottom of the bikini looks kinda big and not too sexy to be honest :)


Let me know if you wanted to order one of those or if already ordered.




2 thoughts on “About Triangl. Review.

  1. R - 04.06.2014

    Which suit are you talking about in the review? I want the orange bikini and was wondering what size you got? Thanks!

  2. admin - 06.06.2014

    Thx for your question! I’ll add some pics of orange.

    The orange one I’ve got Medium size I’ve got small bottom and Medium top. It was the first set I’ve ordered. Looks Ok but Ive realized that smaller sizes looks better.

    So for the second order I’ve got the gold bottom is XS and S size top. which are on the pictures.

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