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My birthday trip to Western Australia and around Perth!

Best gifts are new impressions and new memories! Ive got a fantastic surprise for my birthday – a one-week trip to a place where I have never been before – Western Australia. So I have got to pack my staff for less than one day and catch a flight. Happiness and excitement!

Perth panorama

Margaret river surf

It is still a Winter time in Australia, it is about 15-20 degrees during the day. However it is still great and warm when it’s sunny. We were quite lucky with the weather for the first few days.

WA is a stunning place, with not too many people around, empty beaches, and tidy city. Everything is well-organized. There are plenty of various amazing beaches, fantastic waves and terrific views!

Western Australia is a great place for surf trips and holidays. For some spoiled big cities residents, WA’s life might appears a little bit boring lifestyle place. Maybe it’s because there are not such a big variety of places for going out. Everything  (shops, offices, banks etc)  is closing at 4-5 PM. Majority of all the bars are open only till midnight. Nevertheless, there are much more exciting things to do in the morning and daytime – exploring nature and the waves.

destroy the waves

There is also Florida Beaches in Australia! How excited is it to be in Florida again since I’ve visited US in 2006! lol.  And I have realized that the beaches look really similar to Florida’s ones. After I’ve seen the Florida sign, It has become obvious that someone who gave the name, probably been to Florida before as well  :) However waves in Australian Florida are definitely much more better and bigger than in US Florida!

Florida Beach

Margaret River.

Local surfers say that the waves here are always like this! So people here have got a opposite problems of small waves in the other parts of Australia.

Margaret river swell june

29 waves

Waves Margaret river

A few days it has been pretty cloudy and cold, nevertheless, we have got a couple of nice warm and sunny days, when you can stay in the beach for a couple of hours before 3-4 PM. Australian Winter is not too bad :)

Triangl reviews

Let’s go back to the city ->

The city is quite cool and there is come nice shopping, I was expecting to see nothing there and this shopping street kinda impressed me :)

The only thing that I still have not understood – how people going shopping if all the offices and everything and all the shops are closing at the same time ?  So you finish work and everything is already closed.. hm.

Perth shopping

City view from Kings Botanic Gardens look outs:

Город Перт

Perth botanic garden

On our way we have been visited another cool place – lake Clifton Thrombolites with some surprises under the water – which looks like weird round stones, while they are minerals, builded by micro bacterias. This lake is about 20 km long and its part of a Yangalup National Park.

Lake Clifton

Thrombolites Parrot Beach Australia

Check Out my Video from WA!

Special Thanks to Valentino, our lovely friends Federica and Federico and to Mat! Kisses from Sydney!



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