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I have written this blog post about travelling to Perth after visiting Perth in 2013. I have then moved to Perth in 2016 and lived there for more than a year, so I have added more useful information and travel tips as an insider already.

Travels are the best gifts are new impressions and new memories! I’ve got a fantastic surprise for my birthday – a one-week trip to a place where I have never been before – Western Australia. So I have got to pack my staff for less than one day and catch a flight. Happiness and excitement!

Perth panorama

Margaret river surf


Winter in Perth, Western Australia

Even though it is a Wintertime in Australia, it is about 15-20 degrees during the day, it is still great and warm when it’s sunny. We were quite lucky with the weather for the first few days of our trip to Perth.

WA is a stunning place, with not too many people around, empty beaches, and a tidy city. Everything looks well-organized here comparing to Sydney, in my impression. There are plenty of various beaches, fantastic waves and terrific views! The best sunsets are also right here in Perth as the Sunsets into the ocean here in Western Australia.

Western Australia is a great place for surf trips and holidays.

destroy the waves

There is also Florida Beaches in Australia! How excited is it to be in Florida again since I’ve visited the US in 2006! lol.

After I’ve seen the Florida sign, It has become obvious that someone who gave the name, probably been to Florida before as well as the beach does look similar to Florida beaches  :) However, waves in Australian Florida are definitely much better and bigger than in the US!

Florida Beach

Margaret River

Margaret River is the mecca of surfing and its’ waves attract professional and casual surfers from all over the world.

The locals say that the waves here are always huge like this! So people here have got the opposite problems of small waves in the other parts of Australia.

Margaret river swell june

29 waves

Waves Margaret river


Mammoth Cave, Margareth River

If you are around Margareth River, I’d say you must visit the Mammoth Cave.

I was very very impressed by this huge ancient cave and the facilities here. It is just stunning and mysterious. Although they say you can find similar caves around the world and in Australia, you have to see this one, it’s really cool!

Western Australia best places to visit. Mammoth Cave



We also hang around Scarborough beach as this is where our friends live. Scarbs is a cool laid back beach town with lots of cool surf cafes, bars and a few fancy restaurants and nightclub.

They have recently built here the ocean-view swimming pool and a large park along the beach. If you have a ch

ance – go to see Scarborough and it’s sunset market which is on during summertime till April if you are there during this time.

This is a real photo of Scarborough Sunset. I did add a vintage scratches filter here, but the colours are real, see this epic sunset video on my Instagram here!

During of our visit, it has been pretty cloudy and cold, nevertheless, we have got a couple of nice warm and sunny days, when you can stay at the beach for a couple of hours before 3-4 PM. Australian Winter is not too bad :)

Triangl reviews



If you are in Perth, visiting Fremantle is an absolute must.

Fremantle has a very interesting history and a stunning cityscape. Take a ferry ride and visit the best Italian Restaurant in Perth – La Sosta for a lunch or dinner.

Take a walk up to the Round House to see the beach and the port views and have some beers at the legendary Little Creatures Brewery.

It would be a great idea to take a Ferry for a day trip to Rottnest Island – see my blog post about Rottnest and a video here. 

See my blog post about Best places to photograph in Fremantle here.


Perth CBD

Now let’s go back to the city!

I love Perth CBD for its cool rooftop bars, theatres and shops.

Perth CBD offers lots of shopping for any taste and wallet. To be honest, I was expecting to see nothing there, as Perth looks like a quiet and remote province town and this shopping street kind of impressed me :)

The only thing that I still have not understood – how people can go shopping here if all the offices, everything and all the shops are closing at the same time?  So you finish work and everything is already closed… You can do evening shopping only on Friday as Friday here is a shopping day, while in the Eastern States it is Thursday.

Perth shopping


My favourite place in the city is definitely the Kings Botanic Gardens

This is a must-visit if you are in Perth for the best views in Perth.

Город Перт

Perth botanic garden


We have visited another cool place that I’d recommend to visit – lake Clifton Thrombolites with some surprises under the water. It looks like weird round stones, while in facts these are the minerals, built by micro bacterias. This lake is about 20 km long and its part of a Yangalup National Park.

Lake Clifton

Thrombolites Parrot Beach Australia


Check out my travel guide to Rottnest Island in Western Australia! 


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