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It is Summertime and Sydney and it is a perfect time for the white clothes and lace. This post is about what am I wearing during the Australian Summer and it might be an idea for you.

Just one outfit idea. Hats in Australia are essential items in your wardrobe and comfy but pretty shoes are important to have in a girl’s life :)

Share what you love to wear in Australia in the comments <3

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light brown fedora hat

White lace dress

white lace dress outfit

Australian summer what to wear

wittner shoes brown stripes

I love Australian shoe brand – Wittner. They have cool styles for different occasions. All the shoes are comfortable, even high heels. These wedges in particular are awesome, I can walk all the day and my feet are not really tired at the end of the day. For those who do not like flat sandals look that much, these wedges are almost same comfortable as flats.

Wittner wedges sandals, Glue store dress. Colette hat,

similar dress 

similar hat 




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  1. Whit - 14.02.2016

    White looks stunning on you! That white lace dress and shoes are gorgeous! Happy Valentine’s lovely! x



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