How to find your work out motivation. Tips that work work work work work.

Outdoor work out motivation. Personal experience, ideas and insights.


Parks Sydney

  • Choose a beautiful location.  

First of all, choose a location that you would like to explore. If you never been there – have a look at the Google Maps in satellite mode, so you can see if there are some walking trails, that you can go and that you can access.

When you enjoy the views the workout is more pleasant and you are more likely to be keen to do it again. Furthermore, exploring new places and hidden pathways is always wonderful.

wish fit

wish fit


  • Wear beautiful and comfortable attire. 

Firstly, you will be more motivated if you look great, it will help you feel more confident. Do not just pick beautiful clothing though, make sure it is comfortable for exercise. Pay attention to the details: the bra has to be supportive, fabrics should be breathable and stretchy. It is a good idea to have a pocket for a key, or phone, perhaps a lip balm. You do not want to worry about carrying these kinds of things in your hand or accidentally leave them somewhere.Girl and the ocean

wish fit review


  • Create a boosting playlist. 

There are some workout playlists on Spotify that you can use, or you can create your own. For a workout, it is recommended that listen to faster music. Chose your own, and make sure the music gets you moving.

here is my Spotify playlist:

Exersize Sydney


  • Do new activities.

Repeating the same things can get boring. So make your workout vivid – it is more fun, and it is better for your body too. Run up and down the stairs, use the jump ropes and resistance bands, do squats and even call your friends to exercise together. Find new activities and you will never get bored of exercising.

Working out at the beach


  • Drink lots of water. 

I can’t overstate this point enough. When you feel a lack of energy, you might be simply dehydrated. However, here is a little hack that may help – drink often, but drink small amounts.

Drinking water fountain

  • Set achievable goals. 

Your goals have to be real, then when you achieve those, you will be happier and more likely to set new ones. If you will set unrealistic goals, such as losing 10 kilos a week or something like that – you might get really disappointed. So set monthly goals with smaller, achievable results. Exercising without any goals may lead you to a loss of your motivation, so make sure you know where you going and why.

wish fit-10

For the Autumn when I do outdoor workouts I choose long pants and a crop top.

I prefer black and white colours, since looks good and does not attract too much attention. When I chose colourful outfits, I feel not that comfortable, since I stand out more and that maybe not that you really need exercise.

What is your motivation and what is your favourite outfit for working out?



(Synergy crop top and Synergy pants).

Locations: Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, Maroubra Beach.






Here is my boosting & kick-ass playlist for you:

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