Anticia Japanese Nail Salon, Sydney

Anticia is a Japanese nail salon in Sydney, which is renowned for the awesome nail design and quality. Anticia provides nail treatments with imported Japanese products. Beauticians here are skilled and polite. I loved overall customer service they provide. They offer a coffee or tea with some lollies. What I also loved, they give you an iPad with some great movies to watch while you are having a treatment. You can definitely feel their care of you.

I had a manicure with a little bit if a design with some little pretty pearls. The design did not cost too expensive and was about 3$ per nail (I’ve done only 2 nails). If you look for cool and cute nail design, you can trust your nails to Anticia’s beauticians. You can see their nail designs on their Instagram. 

I can not tell the cuticle treatment has been done perfectly, but better than in some other nail salons.

Gel removal procedure was gentle and did not heart my nails at all. It was a great experience after my previous mistake of going to one of the Vietnamese salons, which I now avoid.

Pedicure was good. However, there was not much massage included and no peeling/skin file at all, which I do not understand.

Prices are average and value is good.

My rating for Anticia:

Gel Pedicure – 7 out of 10

Gel Manicure – 8 out of 10

Cuticle treatment 6 out of 10

Gel Removal 9 out of 10





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