Smartphone Apps you need to know about (Vol.4)

 My traditional quick review of some useful smartphone apps that can be useful for you.

Neccessary Applications for your smart phone. Review

**** 1. Faded ****

Cool filters for better instagram feed

Faded filters instagram iPhone

This is another photo editing app to add filters. App offers stunning faded filters and effects. My favourite filters are clean and portrait. If you want to try something else apart from VSCO  – download Faded, it will cost you only $1.

Applestore only. #madewithfaded @madewithfaded.

****  2. Face tune ****

Sharpen the details, body slimming app

You probably already know about this famous app. Still not? Then have a look! The app is normally used to create a perfect selfie or make yourself skinnier, make your teeth whiter, your hair looks perfect and some details sharper. You can also remove the grey hair and boldness =). I use it to add details on the image and make them sharper if you want to have a bright & white colour themed Instagram feed (as it was popular on Instagram a while ago), you can whiten separate spots on the image.

Apple storeAndroid. 4$. It worth it.

**** 3. Feedly ****

Smartphone App for bookmarking

Get your reads organized!

If you read various articles, blogs, news and other good reads on the internet – this app is for you to organise the sources you like.

Instead of adding bookmarks and getting lost in hyps of information, and getting annoyed from email notifications and missing some important updates – just download Feedly! It is a good solution for all the issues above. Just add the link to your feed and stay updated, get back to it whenever you need, organise by folders, mark as read or save as favourites.

Check it out and do not forget to insert into the search window to get it in your feed, so you are always up to date with my latest apps reviews and travel inspos!

Available in the Apple store and Google Play store free of charge.

**** 4.  Spotify ****

Radio app, music playlistMusic app review

This is my favourite music application where you can choose playlists by the mood, music genre, by recommended to you, by artists, etc. You probably already have it, but if not – you definitely should. Discover new music and listen to your own playlists. It is absolutely free unless you would like to listen to it offline or get rid of the ads, then you can subscribe to the premium version, which is 15AUD per month.

**** 5. WordPress ****

Most important app for blogging

If you would like to create your website or blog and access your posts quickly on your mobile – this app is for you.

Yes, it’s free. I always use it if I would like to write down some draft ideas for a new blog post quickly, so I remember to edit and post it later and I do not miss my thoughts. If I don’t use it, I usually loose and forget some of my ideas. It is very easy to use.

Download for iOS or for Android here.

*** 6. Uber  ***

Taxi app Sydney

If you are still using normal taxi services and do not use Uber you either live under the stone, either in a country where Uber is not authorised yet. It’s an era of shared economy and some new cool easier, cheaper and better services.  So just try it if it is available in your area and you will definitely like it. It’s safe and it’s convenient. If you register and use a promo code, you’ll get a $25 free ride (use my promo code  innai8 for a discount).

If you have some spare time and looking for a freelance job,  for some extra money – you can easily become an Uber driver. You can make your own schedule, all you need is a decent car and a bank account. Drivers and passengers can rate each other, which provides a safe environment.


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