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Cool Australian influencers to follow and to work with.

If you are looking to work with an influencer, there are two ways to do it.

  1. Work through the influencer marketing platform, for example, The Right Fit, Tribe, Upfluence, etc.
  2. Work with an influencer directly.

In the first instance, you can post a call out for your project and wait for applications from talents. In this case, you will be required to pay to a platform and the platform also will charge the blogger up to 20% plus a subscription fee (depending on a service).

The platform works as middlemen and it holds the ads budget funds and releases it when the job is complete. So there is some kind of security for both parties. Reviews will also help to find a trusted talent or business.

In the second instance, you can write to a blogger directly and I’d recommend using the email address for it. DM’s often get lost between random notifications and email is a more professional way to communicate.

Ensure to set a promotion deadline and to send a brief, including the tone and voice, do’s and don’t-s and conditions to tag a brand and requirements to write certain captions.

I personally work both ways with the platform and without and I always do my research on the brand carefully, checking their previous promotions, who they have worked with and the trustworthiness of the brand. I promote and endorse only those brands who I would definitely recommend to a friend even without any reimbursement.


There are two major types of influencer campaigns.

  1. Content campaign when a brand requires content only
  2. Promotion campaign when an influencer is creating a feed post, story post or a blog post and sharing the information about the brand to his/ her audience.


Check previous collaborations of a blogger if possible and request their analytics or check it through Hype Auditor or Upfluence.


Australian Travel Blogs

Travel bloggers mostly work with tourism and hospitality brands, as well as some lifestyle and fashion brands.

Username Link Main Theme Additional Topics Approx Post Price, From + $ AUD
Aswewander Couple travel Australia Travel photography, travel ideas $400
Tara Milk Tea Travel Blog Worldwide. Creative photography inspo. Fashion $2500
Onwworldjustgo travel Beautiful destination around the world, inspirational pics $600
Anniesbucketlist Travel bloggers Australia Luxury Travel $800
Haylsa Tropical Travel, photography Photo ideas. Travel ideas $1100
Saltyluxe Beach Travel, Photography Positive emotions through photography. Plant-based. $1500
Vadermeerkat Travel tips WA, photo ideas Photo-worthy places to visit around Perth $150
Inna Tevi Travel, Lifestyle. Noosa Marketing, Mobile photography $150
Jennsomewhere Travel Lifestyle, Curvy style $300
My Colourful World Travel Queensland, Australia Travel $800

Want to suggest a blog? Contact me.


Cool Australian bloggers to follow on Instagram

Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde is an awesome adventure to follow and fun videos to watch. The Australian couple who is sailing the world on their boat and let you join the journey online. On their blog, Instagram and youtube channel, you can find beautiful sceneries, lots of seas and oceans, remote and wild Australian territories and, of course, to learn about sailing.

The young couple is from Australia, but they are based around the world.

Instagram: 413 k followers, Elayna Carausu




My Colourful World

By Katie Purling

Katie is an inspired photographer based in Queensland, Cairns. She runs a beautiful Instagram account with over 105k followers. She also has a photography website with a blog section where she shares more of her travel snaps.



As We Wander

A small, but rapidly growing couple travel blog with over 30k followers on Instagram and a new website in the development that you can find on their IG profile bio here.


Harper and Harley. 

A stylish and sharp style blog is created by Sara Donaldson, who is one of the leading Australian bloggers. Posts are mostly about black, grey and white colours in outfits.



Margaret Zhang

A blog by Margaret Zhang about her very particular style which is difficult to copy and easy to recognise.

She is a superstar for street style photographers. She has a very unique way of styling, layering and mixing different items, some fashion brands even borrow ideas from her.


Australian Fashion Blogs


Tara Milk Tea

Tara is an Australian Instagram sensation who influences lots of young Australians and a worldwide audience.

It is a lifestyle and travel blog, based mostly on Instagram and on the Blogspot platform.

Just like many other bloggers, Tara loves fashion, travel and styling. She has a graphic design degree and a talent to take very cute Instagram-like photos that everyone adores.

Best Australian lifestyle blogs



World Of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward travels the world full-time, and is actually is her job. She also has a popular Instagram profile and a small YouTube channel.

She is mostly travelling solo, but virtually takes everyone to the trips with her and sharing her experiences online.

Her blog is updated frequently and it looks like a collection of beautiful travel postcards and useful travel tips.

Brooke has done an amazing job in building a like-minded community, she often shares her blogging tips and inspiring other travel bloggers a lot.


WOW travel blog




Australia is a great place to photograph and to film, there are so many scenic places, views and destinations that I would love to share with you!

This blog is about travel and style and casually exploring Australia on weekends.

The blog is mostly active on Instagram here.


Lion on the Wild

Fashion, Beauty and Style Blog by Chiara King, a Perth based fashion blogger

Instagram | Blog


If you are looking for a blogger to work with your brand and create content for you, first of all, you will need to ensure a blogger has a genuine audience. Buying likes and follows is an easy fix for many influencers who are chasing a quick way to fame.

As a marketer, I would recommend you to study a bloggers audience and ensure their style, voice and tone are matching your brand. Working with bloggers, you will not only promote your brands but can have some awesome images created for you.

From my experience in managing brands accounts, bloggers content (Photos and videos) perform better just the content of a photographer you hire, as influencers know the niche very well and what kind of posts exactly gets more engagement.

Consider working with a few small bloggers, rather than one huge million-following one may be a greater strategy, as smaller bloggers usually really want to grow and work with businesses and provide more content for you for a smaller cost. The audience of small blogs is often more engaged and more authentic, they trust more to the smaller influencers who have less advertising on their profiles.


To check the blogger’s statistics and followers authenticity, you can simply use Hype Auditor, which is a very important tool for marketers and advertising. It is telling you weather blogger bought the following as well as give you a glimpse of their detailed engagement stats.




To follow the blog, I easily add them to my Feedly reading list (read more about this other useful apps)

What are your favourite blogs?


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