Best Australian bloggers to follow.

Cool Australian bloggers and blogs to follow.

best Australian Travel Blogs

Sailing La Vagabonde is an awesome adventure to follow, fun videos to watch. The Australian couple is sailing the world on their boat and let you join the journey online. On their blog and you tube channel you can find beautiful sceneries, lots of seas and oceans, remote and wild Australian territories and, of course, to learn about sailing.



World Of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward travels the world, which is actually is her job. She also has an appealing and popular instagram profile, and a YouTube channel. She is mostly traveling solo, but virtually takes everyone to the trips with her and sharing her experiences online, her last trips she has done with a new boyfriend, so she also does not hesitate to introduce the followers to her personal life. Her blog is updated frequently, due to the work of her great team and it attracts tons of followers and readers. Her videos are broadcasting various routes and travel tips.

Brooke has don an amazing job in building a like-minded community, she often shares her blogging tips and inspiring other travel bloggers a lot.

WOW travel blog


Zanita Studio

This blog is created by a talented photographer and model Zanita Whittington. It is one of the most interesting and smart blogs now that is great to read. It is much more than just another fashion blog. Follow Zanita’s blog for high quality content that often lack in many blogs now.

Zanita is also famous for her streetstyle photos and collaborations with other big bloggers.

Australian Fashion Bloggers


Chloe Morello

Chloe is an adorable and fun personality and a very popular Australian beauty blogger who posts lots of make up tutorials, beauty products reviews and tips! You should definitely follow her for numerous beauty advises and beauty inspiration.


Nicole Warne 

Gorgeous Nicole aka GaryPepper girl, started her vintage online boutique in 2009 and after she became one of the first world’s highly regarded fashion bloggers. She works with lots of luxury brands and leaving a dream, working hard. You can always find amazing and stunning high quality images and stories in her blog.

Best Fashion Blogs Australia


 Isabella is a 18 year old blogger who lives in Brisbane and posts about her outfits and lifestyle. In her blog you can find not only pics with outfits, but also little stories, that are quite cool to read. She’s also got a youtube channel and a beautiful Instagram feed to follow.

Australian Fashion Blog


Nikki Phillips fashion blog

Nikki is a well recognized model, she also has her blog where she posts her professional fashion photograph, just like those cool photos from the magazines pages.

Australian Fashion blogs


Harper and Harley. 

This very stylish and sharp style blog is created by Sara Donaldson, which is one of the leading. A very stylish blog. Posts are mostly about black, grey and white colors in outfits.



Oracle Fox Blog. 

Premium Fashion and Style Blog by Amanda Shadforth. Theravel section is my favorite. She began her career as a contemporary artist, so she definitely got a perfect sense of style.

Australian bloggers



A blog by Margaret Zhang about her very particular style that difficult to copy and easy to recognise. She is a superstar for street style photographers. Her way of layering and mixing different items is very unique, some fashion brands even borrow ideas from her.

Australian Fashion Blogs

Tara Milk Tea

Life style blog, based on blogspot platform, that went viral due to the beautiful Instagram feed with a massive following and engagement level. Just like many other bloggers Tara loves fashion, travel and sharing. She’s got a talent to take very cute instagram-like photos that everyone adore. Even though Tara has no YouTube channel and does not do videos yet, her creative visual feed is adorable and very inspiring.

Best Australian lifestyle blogs

Vanessa and her Flip&Style

While reading Vanessa’s blog, you feel like you are reading one of your friends blog, which makes me want to come back and visit it again.

 Vanessa covers various topics such as fashion and beauty, home and style and more. The blog is existing  since 2008, so you can find many interesting posts. She was studying and practicing html and she’s got cool tools and pretty menu in her blog. Majority of Vanessa’s blog posts are about online shopping and her choices from various online retailers.

Australian beauty bloggers


Sincerely yours Innagram. I’ve traveled around the world quite a lot, visited so many places and OMG, I’ve never shared my experiences so much for some reason. I’ve started blogging and filming just  a couple of years ago, and already got absolutely obsessed.

The best way of sharing and posting the information and experiences is finally established here on

Blogging and video blogging is a great way to broadcast life experiences to friends, family and other people who have same interests. Blogging allows you to find new friends and people who has the same lifestyle and idea with you.

I see now, that making videos and sharing with my virtual family is awesome, it helps to so many people with travel advises and just daily inspiration.

While I’ve been travelling a lot for my entire life, many people often have asked me for travel tips and suggestions, so firstly I’ve made a website about life in Bali, however, I did not know about all the possibility of blogging and I cancelled that website after a few years.

Now blogging is more viral and more easy and I am so happy I’ve learned a lot and I can spread the love. So if you do something that you love and you think you might help other people with your information and if you would like to express yourself, definitely start a blog.

So welcome to the lifestyle blog As well as a youtube channel about our travels and surf trips around Australia and beyond and vlogs. Australia is a great place to film, here are so many exciting stunning places, views and destinations.




Also see the the huge list with all kinds of Australian bloggers here here (just check out the bloggers directory – you’ll find what you need).


To follow the blog, I easily add the to my Feedly reeding list (read more about this other useful apps)

What are your favorite blogs?


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