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Missha BB cream review.

In today’s post I would like to share with you my beauty experience with Korean beauty products. This time I’ve got myself a perfect BB cream, for the skin, which is experiences some problems. The texture of this BB product is thicker than a usual BB cream. But it is covering any redness and pimples that you can not notice anything. Moreover, it helps to prevent new skin problems and to get read of the old ones. The other bonus is high SPF factor and a color that is suitable not only for asian and bright skin. FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleWhatsAppFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleWhatsApp

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Port McQuarie Surf Trip

  Port McQuire is a beautiful place for surfing. It takes around 5 hours driving from Sydney to the North. We have stopped in New Castle for overnight and surf and then went on to further, stopping at the other beaches searching for the waves. Surf Beach at  Port McQuarie and 4XW 13 kilometers  beach drive. What we did and what we saw. Check the adventure! FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleWhatsAppFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleWhatsApp

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How to clean your pores. And how to keep it clean.

Products for clean that black heads and keep your pores clean. Here is my list and best products that I’ve tried and would recommend. I usually use them on the following consistency. I’ve got normal and a bit sensitive skin with some T-zone pores problems as almost everyone got but not so many of us talking about it. Here are  my secrets:   FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleWhatsAppFacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleWhatsApp

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18 Photo editing apps for your smartphone. Vol. 1

Howdy, this is an old, but a comprehensive post about various applications for your mobile device to get creative and edit your images. Some of these apps might be already outdates, so please, see my newest Geek posts for lates posts. A very new Vol 5 is coming very soon. Picture editors applications for iphone and Android.Here are the secrets how to make your pictures more attractive, to improve your instagram gallery quick and easy. Here are 18 cool effects and editors. Приложения iphone и Android для редактирования фото. Как разнообразить ваше инстаграм портфолио и улучшить обычные фото? Какие интересные […]

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