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What to wear in Bali? Where to shop and what you can buy?

check out my Bali looks and tips!

bali river island

You will need to take at least one dress for go to one of the parties. For example, the dress for the hot weather, in which you feel comfy. Better not too glamorous, maybe a bit baggy.

69 Slam bikini is one of the most fun stuff – you can easily purchase it in Bali. I like their underwear which you can use sometimes instead of a bikini in case if you did not grab one and you ‘ll need to have a bath in a pool or an ocean. Drying quick and looking good.

Bali look 69slam

69 Slam shops: Bali, Seminyak, Oberoi, address: Seminyak, Jl. Raya Legian No.58. Opening hours 9.00 – 22.00.  Look at the map. 

Just a simple everyday dress, which can be good for any occasion there


local Tshirt and a skirt from Somewhere shop (in Bali, Jl Seminyak )

And sometimes I use any kind of sporty underwear if all your bikinis are already wet or in case if you went to the party, where you didn’t expect to jump to the pool and accidentally did not have any swimming suit on you :)



Bali’ interesting shops – my list

What are your favourite shops?

this is my #1

Gooseberry Intimates,
address: Seminyak, Oberoi, Jl Kayu Aya, in front of the Coco mart.

магазин нижнего белья Бали


Bamboo Blonde – sells dresses and other fashion cool clothes and accessories. Mink Pink.

address: Jl. Oberoi, Jl. Laksmana, 61. Opening hours 10.00 – 21.00.

Look at the map.

73 BB

Bamboo Blonde


73 - 3

Prisoners of St. Peterburg – some interesting stuff.

Adress Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak. Look at the map. 

75 prisoners

Lily Jean – some fancy dresses and shoes and basics as well. Good design, fabric and quality.


Lyly Jean


Rock apparel from Religion Store (cool UK brand )

Address – Seminyak, Oberoi, Jl. Laksmana. Look at the map.


The store  – Vintage shop with some cool stuff, good ideas for gifts for friends


Shopping bali - The store

Zuttion – hipster’s clothing, cool and beautiful sunnies. Shop and cafe. Bali Zuitton

If you have enough time and inspiration and cannot find exactly what you want – you can buy any fabric, big choice and good fixed prices you can find if you go to Alta Moda 3-levels store in Kuta. Adress: Jl. Patih Jelantik, Istana Kuta Galeria Blok Entrance I No. 03 – 06


and then order any dress you want ( better simple or you can order more complicated design if you have a sample – any other dress, you would like to order a new one like).
So, for example, I’ve got this dress from Billabong Outlet
(Pic from Sumbawa, Indonesia )
I used it for the sample, however, the design is simple.
I’ve got the fabric from the Denpasar Fabric market and ordered the same dress from silk and got a new gorgeous dress for cheap.
To tailor make a dress is about 50.000 – 100.000 rp, which is about 5-10 $! Of cause, the total price of your dress will include the fabric you bought – I’ve got 2 meters for about 15$.
This is the result:
Inna-Iwenko4791989 690x755@1x
 (Ubud, Bali )
Denpasar Textile market, at Jalan Sulawesi.
denpasar fabric market 690x573@1x
( you must bargain here at the market! if they do not drop the price – just go away and they will call you after with a good deal).
Many tailor shops are located in Kuta, around Jalan Patimura. Just go there and enter any shop with a sewing machine.
On that street, there is a big choice of leather also – different colours and quality. So you can tailor any leather apparel, jackets, etc. Tip – do not order complicated design – in 95% cases  – they will make it ridiculous, so better give them a real sample – any other jacket or whatever you want to make.  You can change or improve the design a bit, for example, to make different length or add/remove some details.
The job for a jacket will start from 10$.
This leather Jacket – I have ordered in Bali
blue leather
You can also buy or order any exotic leather goods. There are a few shops on Seminyak street and one of my favourites is approximately HERE. 
You can ask for the discount if you will mention my name (Inna).
   Examples of custom-made snakeskin accessories that you can order in Bali (my own items that I’ve ordered).phyton red bag logo 690x682@1x
phyton set logo 690x460@1x
phyton shoes logo 690x459@1x
phyton boots logo 690x852@1x -1
Do not forget to grab a beautiful dress for the beautiful pics. Long dress also saves your legs from mosquitoes bites and prevents sunburns.
beratan park feader dress

PS  Important: never forget to wear sunscreen <3

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