Batiste blush dry shampoo


Hello everyone, todays’s post is about my experience with Batiste dry shampoo. Here is how to use it, along with the photos before and after, review and tips. Does dry shampoo really work? How to use it and what is the secret?

Batiste spray

Over shampooing is not healthy for the hair and scalp.
At the same time, I can not go outside with my hair looks not not fresh.
It contains talk and other components, which absorbing skin oils, dust and smells.
Firstly you have to shake it well before use. For me is is better to spray it all over the head.
Than brush the hairs properly and you have new volumized looking clean hairs. It is very quick and convenient.

If  you would like to refresh after a long day or during the travel,
when you don’t have an ability to shower – dry shampoo is your best friend.

Do not using it too often to avoid getting dry and damaged hairs. I use it about once in two weeks when I have an emergency and when I need more volume.

Applying it, you have cleaner hair with more volume. But still, nothing feels so clean like a real shower with a real shampoo and water.

After applying dry shampoo spray, even though the hair looks clean, I still have a feeling that I would like to wash my hair properly.

I have a sensitive scalp, thin and dry hairs. After using dry shampoo for a while, my hair condition is the same and it is not dehydrated or dried out more than it was.

It is important not overusing it. When your hair is too dry, your skin starts to produce more oil to moisture itself. As a result, you can get more oily hair. So make sure you do not use it too often. before and after dry shampoo


I’ve also tried Cedel dry shampoo and Clorane’s one. Clorane is definitely a winner.

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