Big Marley – hidden beach to look for

Hello everyone! Today we explore with you a cool hidden beach in NSW, around Bundeena. You need to drive away from Bundeena drive, and then you will find a road that is closed for the vehicles access, so you need to walk for about an hour to see this beach (4km). So we’ve done this mission walk and this is what we’ve found there:012

The road from Sydney to Bundeena takes about 50 minutes driving. Do not miss a little parking spot at the road side where you can leave your car and then you’ll have to walk.

After you will park your car and take some drinking water, snack and beach towels you will need to walk for 4 km, so take only the most necessary things.

This is how the walk looks like. It is pretty flat and you do not have to climb or walk inside the bush ( unless you want to do a bush walk). The road is pretty easy, it’s just take time, so grab your fun friends to make this time better :)

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Big Marlin beach Sand dunes013

This beautiful and famous Wedding cake rock is located close to the Big Marley walk. However they’ve recently closed it, because it can collapse any time and some people say ‘you can just can climb the fence to take a pic’.

wedding-cake-rock-the-coast-track-royal-national-p1 Unfortunately we did not go to the wedding rock, even if I’ve wanted to have some cool pictures there, it would not cost the price of your life. Make sure you watch this  video :before you go to take a photo on this rock more info 

PS. Never stop exploring!

I’ll see you in my next posts at the same place –




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