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If you’ve already read ‘About’ and went through my blog, but want to know more about the story behind Innagram blog, here is it.

The way I travel

First of all, let me clarify, I am not one of those “I quit my job to travel the world” persons. I work and I can not stay doing anything, let’s say like downshifting, looking for not spending anything and agreed for whatever conditions just to travel for that tick ‘I’ve been there’.

I love meaningful adventures.


I was travelling continuously pretty much since I was born. I lived in a number of different locations and moved houses a few times around the globe.

From the beginning, it was just due to family circumstances, but then it grew to the addiction to changes and due to my curiosity seeing various destinations as an insider.

For me, the new environment changes yourself kicks you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to achieve more.

It gives you a new boost, new experiences, new impressions, new friends, new knowledge and promotes your personal growth.

If you have ever moved to another place, you probably understand that feeling.

I am adventurous curious and passionate for travel and even though I am down-to-earth and I climb mountains and go camping sometimes, I often do prefer style and luxury travel. Well, I do both :) so I can have a vivid life and travel experience.

Thanks to the Places I’ve lived in

1. Kamchatka 

I lived in a little surrealistic town on the remote Kamchatka peninsula in the Pacific Ocean (between Alaska and Japan, close to China and South Korea).

Would you argue this is not the most beautiful airport view in the world? :)
insane landing, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Peninsula.

Since I was a child I was got used to frequent long-distance 9 hours flights. I enjoyed flying a lot and even dreamed to be a flight attendant for some time as a child.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a wild hidden gem with endless possibilities for exploring and active sports.
I’ve never missed a possibility to explore and to wander around there.

Snowy slopes of volcanoes, ski resorts in the middle of the city and lots of backcountry riders. Everything in my home town was about snowboarding. Here I’ve got a passion for winter sports and riding the boards.

Kamchatka snowboarding in July
Me in Kamchatka snowboarding in July 2009
This is how this insane place looks like! Must add it to your bucket list! Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky town in January

My father was my inspiration – he worked for many years as a sailor on an industrial ship and visited many overseas cities ports. I was listening to his exciting stories and impressions of another country and always got a good story and nice souvenirs :)

Equator crossing rithual 1980

As far as Kamchatka is very close to Asian countries, my first overseas destination was Thailand (2000). I’ve started sharing my travel experience and I enjoyed helping people with information and travel tips.

Thailand 2000
Thailand 2000

Nevertheless, my adventurous soul was craving for more.

I’ve moved closer to Europe to the truthfully most gorgeous city in the world – Saint-Petersburg. The place sits on Neva River and Finland Gulf. I was in Saint Petersburg to study arts and travel business, guess why :)Saint Peterburg traevel

I explored nearest countries around Europe (just to name a few: Finland, Check Republic, Cyprus, Germany, France, Holland and others) and some nearest cities in Russia as well.

2. USA

When I’ve heard of the idea that you can actually work and travel in the USA, I joined this programme and received a J1 Visa. I’ve travelled to the states twice and spend about a year mostly in Florida, New York and a little bit in Arizona. I’ve managed to explore LA, Miami, Daytona Beach, San Diego, New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

There are still lot’s of places I plan to visit in America and I look forward to sharing with my next trip around The States one day soon!

DisneyLand FL
I already new I would need Vacations from these vacations! :) in 2006
Classic tourist LA pic
LA star alley, classic tourist pic :) 2006

After I’ve obtained my degree in the Travel business, I was thinking where am I going to go next.

I was always dreaming of trying surfing and I saved some money working in a travel agency and ‘arrivederci’!, I moved to Bali!

3. Bali

best travel bloggers
Me in Bali circa 2010. Classic Bali pic!

I’ve spent 4 years in Bali, travelling frequently around Asia, meeting lots of incredible people and gained fantastic experience.

Unfortunately, Bali was not safe and not that fun anymore and I was considering to move on and to develop my career in a more civilised place.

I moved to Australia, where I continue to explore and share my passion for travel and give you all my experiences for free :)

In Australia, I have lived in Sydney in NSW, Perth in Western Australia and Noosa in Queensland. We love exploring different states of Australia and sharing our adventures.

I hope you like what I do and if you like travelling and crave for adventures, inspirations and personal experiences in travel – you are in the right place, Instagram is created for you.

Stay curious and inspired!



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