Casual Adventures November, Sydney

Hey hey, this post opens a new category in my blog – a very casual daily/monthly stories containing something that I would like to share with you!

This is just like blogs were in old good times. Less photo edits and filters, more life experiences and very simple posts.

Best of October & November, 2016, Sydney.

Anita Gelato

An absolute favorite of these period is Anita Gelato in Central Park. I have been here before and I was not that impressed by gelato (even if it looks impressive, the consistency and taste is not my favorite). However, this time I have discovered the other side of this place – Frozen Yogurts, OMG best I have ever tried. I often eat froyo in various places, but this one is a number one for me and since now I can not think of any other frozen yogurt anymore. One Love!

You will have something on the bottom, like nutella souse, nuts or whatever you wish and also they will carefully set some lollies of your choice on top.

Tips: Try their hazelnut souse. Connect to wifi of the Central Park shopping center.

BEST froyo in Sydneydesserts in Sydney central

Choco Pot

I have found many reviews and mentions of this place and decided I must visit it and eat something sweet here! It was not bad.



N2 Gelato

It was a rainy and cold day, but I could not resist some insanely looking liquid nitrogen gelato. This place is more about experience, but I liked the taste and a texture of this gelato a lot. It costs more expensive than any regular gelato, but I would say it worth it – go and try if you have not yet!



Apart from our amazing recent trip to Bangkok, we also have explored local spots in Sydney and visited Long Reef beach in the North of Sydney.

Before I have left for holidays – I’ve got my nails done at my very favorite ‘Sunshine Beauty’ salon in Sydney, Haymarket. It is not easy to find decent nails technicians in Sydney and I am glad I’ve discovered this place about a year ago. I love their concept stressing quality instead of quantity. This place is more private than many other crowded and dodgy nail salons. I always come back to Sunshine beauty and I normally only do simple gel manicure and pedicure and sometimes I go for a little bit of a design. They do such a cool nail art though and I always love watching that other girls are having done :)

Beauty blog Sydney












Quality nails Sydney CBD

Furthermore, they have wifi and do eyelash extensions in this salon.

Ideally you will need to make an appointment.

These are my nails that I’ve done last time at this salon -the moment I’ve found out I am matching to Sydney trains interior haha

Sperlonga Blog



Earlier I have decided I finally I need to try SNS. As far as my favorite salon in Sydney did not do that, I have found another place in Paddy’s Market.

It was very noizy and crowded, everyone was yelling at each other and I had a feeling that I am in a vegetable market or something haha. Manicure was not done well, of course, but fortunately my nails were not damaged at least and I have got my desired SNS nails.

It lasts longer than any gel and helps your nails grow. I’ve got a little bit a weird feeling wearing sns, in general I kind of liked it, even though it looks a bit fake.

As a result, I do not think I will ever do this again, but I tried something new :) As far as not all salons around work with SNS and not many remove it either. So I had to come back to this place in Paddy’s Market and after run very fast to my favorite sunshine beauty to treat my nails better and give more love to it :) Here is how my SNS nails look like: SNS Sydney Paddis Market

The price was $55 for make it and $25 for remove..



I have quite a lot of rings and earrings and in my small boxes it is difficult to find something when you need it. So I have found this life saving solution for only about 9 AUD on ebay and now my little pressure stuff  is in order and you can always see what is where and easily pick what you need. Here is where you can buy it very cheap. It looks very nice, so I have not even expected, it would be nice for $9.Store rings and earrings idea

Earlier in October I have visited Google office in Sydney and it was a very pleasant visit! Especially I loved location and the view :) It was prohibited taking photos inside, but you are allowed to take a couple of snick pics at the lobby :)

Google office Sydney

I usually go for a swim to the Ian Thorpe pool in Darling Harbour and after I have not been here for a few weeks after our last trip, this place turned into a brand new Sim City with concrete jungles and artificial-looking palm trees, surrounded by huge digital screens.

I took a few palm tree-in-a-sky shot and started the #SydneyFornia hashtag in the Instagram!  ha


Sydneyfornia 1




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